Regarding to the gastronomic field, Mijas counts with lots of international restaurants, however its culinary tradition is based in dishes like sopa de maimones (garlic soup), ensalada malagueña (a cod and orange salad) salmorejo (cold thick soup made with vegetables), cachorreñas (soup made from potatoes, cod and orange juice) and gazpachuelo (fish soup with mayonnaise). In Mijas the traveller could taste the famous fried “pescaíto” and if sweet is your favourite flavour, you will enjoy desserts like buñuelos and hornazo pies which are recipes from the Arabian era. They are also very famous the “pan cateto” (a thick bread) and the caramel-coated almonds, that can be bought in the street stands.

Ajoblanco with moscatel grapes

It is a traditional and very popular could soup made with toasted almonds, bread, and garlic that is served with moscatel grapes on top. Ingredients: 300 gr. of peeled almonds, 400 gr. of bread (just the center), 6 vinegar spoons, 4 garlic cloves, olive oil and salt. Start grinding the almonds and the garlic until make then into a cream and mix it with soaked bread. Then add four spoons of olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt. Finally add water gradually while stirring until you get the desired consistency. Once ajoblanco is made it is time to leave it in the fridge until ready to serve.


It is a dense gazpacho (tomato based soup) very common in Andalusia, but instead of water they use bread to thicken it up. It is served with chopped hard-boiled egg, tuna or ham on the top.


This is a warm fish and potato soup made with water, salt, vinegar and mayonnaise. Sometimes they can use shrimps instead of fish. It can be served with hard-boiled egg and toast.


This is a perfect dish for summer or hot weather and is made up of peeled tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, garlic, bread, water and olive oil. All ingredients are mixed in a blender.

Sopas de Maimones

This is an easy dish to cook because it only requires bread, garlic and olives. The garlic is fried in a pan. The soaked and drain bread is added in pieces and then put some water until it boils. It is served with olives.

Garlic soup

It is very similar to maimones soup but less dense. The bread is fried in small slices with the garlic and put into boiling water with eggs and paprika.

Sopas Cachorreñas

This is a hot soup made with soak bread, garlic, olive oil, salt, paprika, anchovies, clams and cod.

Fish soup

This a hot soup based on a range of white fishes boiled with onions, carrots, garlic and parsley.

Tomato soups

The ingredients used to make this soup are: tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, cumin, and oil. To cook it is necessary to stir fry tomatoes, onions and garlic and put them into boiling water with some bread and cumin.

Lemon soup

This soup is cooked with saffron, mince garlic, peppers, clams, lemon and salt. It is served with slices of bread.

Mijeña salad

The main ingredients of this salad are cooked cod, oranges and chives. It may be served with olives.

Pescaíto frito (fried fish)

It is a household dish on the Costa del Sol. It combines different fishes that are fried together. The most common ingredients are anchovies, squid, red mullet, cuttlefish, horse mackerel, small hake, monkfish and Norwegian haddock.


It is a dessert served in winter and it is based on a mixture of flour, sugar, water, milk, fried bread and honey.


It is a traditional sweet in Easter, cooked in the oven and based on bread dough with an egg.

Leche frita (fried milk)

In a frying pan put milk, cinnamon, a lemon peel and sugar. Flour is added to make dough which will be cut into pieces, fried and served with sugar and ground cinnamon. Buñuelos (home made doughnut) The dough is fried in very hot oil.