Address: Partido Rural de Osunillas (San Antón)
Opening hours: Suday afternoons, during mass, San Anton holidays (17th January) and Osunillas Romeria (June)
Price: Free entry.


Acording to the records of the Málaga Cathedral, dated at 20th August 1494 Cathedral, the San Anton brotherhood had already existed. Also according to a document about this cathedral, this brotherhood appears in 29th December 1531, having a income about two hundred "maravedíes"(old spanish coin) and having to pay five maravedíes for taxes.  Besides, The Nuestra Señora de Gracia Brotherhood was located, it appears with a income with about 113 maravedías and paid 5 for taxes.  The church is a construction from XVIII century. It was located between the Osunillas high and down,  beside the ruins of the ancient Tamisa which has a Tarshish origin.

There is a tombstone on the front that says: "Mijas was founded by Tarshish in 600 B.C. beside this Hermitage of San Anton, only some pieces of the wall remain, Mijas belonged to the Omar independent kingdom. In 1483 (actual date 1487)  the Fernando the Catholic King conquered Mijas, Osunillas y Oznar(Hornillo), the two last ones are destroyed today. In the year 1485 being the Catholics Kings in Málaga there was an uprising in this village, the Captain Pedro de Vera was sent with the order of putting to death all those who refuse to surrender. "   En el año 1485 estando los Reyes Católicos en Málaga hubo una sublevación de esta Villa, fue enviado el Capitán, Pedro de Vera con orden de que si no se entregaban fueran pasados a cuchillo. Conquered, they were prisioners and given to the Pope Inocencio VII  and the nobles of Málaga"

In the XVIII century the hermitage was built in the center of Osunillas, in fulfillment of a vote of some sailors who after being on the verge of shipwreck, were saved from a storm on our beaches, expressing their gratitud to the saint. This chapel was rebuilt on July 5, 1981.

Aparently, in its early years the chapel was maintained by a congregation of Benedictine monks. It is accessed by the road linking Mijas and Benalmadena.

Very popular hermitage, destination of numerous romerias and town fairs. It celebrates the fairs of January 17 in honor of San Antón with the traditional blessing of the animals, also the day of San Blas (February 3) with the blessing of the "donuts", in May takes place the romeria of San Isidro and the last Sunday of June the romeria and town fairs of Osunillas. Although San Antón is known for being the patron of animals, in Mijas Pueblo has more devotion for other reasons that draw attention to outsiders. Specifically, it is traditionally expected by the unmarried women of the town, especially those in the neighborhood of Osunillas, who ask the saint to find them partner. They do it in a very peculiar way, throwing stones at the Saint. According to the tradition the girl who hits the crotch will find a boyfriend in that year. The origin of this striking tradition is unknown, although it is known that it comes from the fifteenth century, and the tradition still practising today, to the point that a replica of the original image is currently used to avoid flaws.