Mijas Artisans Association was founded in March 2014 by initiative of a group of artist established in town to give answer to the need of preserving the artistic activity and advertise their crafts not only on a local or provincial level, but also nationwide and worldwide. Among its main task is also giving help and advise to beginner artists in order for them to comply with the required standards for each artistic activity.

Since its foundation the number of associates has increased up to about 30 members nowadays, and we expect this figure will only increase in the near future.


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C/ Málaga, 32 - 29650 Mijas - 692844596 y 952485753

Inscrita en el Registro de Asociaciones de Andalucía, con el número 11240 de la Sección 1ª.

Fecha de inscripción: 25/06/2014
Inscrita en el Registro de Asociaciones de Artesanos de Andalucía en la Sección 3ª, con e número 290300006 con varios códigos C.O.A. Fecha inscripción: 10/07/2014

Web: www.artesanosmijas.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asociacionartesanosmijas

MIJAS CRAFTS WORKSHOPS RUTE - Click on the map to see

Craftsmen/Women existing in Mijas

    • Artistic engravers and stampers
    • Bookbinders
    • Potters
    • Soap makers
    • Paper recyclers
    • Woodcarvers
    • Jewelers
    • Silversmiths
    • Trinket artists
    • Mosaicists
    • Saddlers
    • Leather craftsmen
    • Macramé makers
    • Fashion designers
    • Silk painters
    • Uphosterers
    • Headdress makers
    • Toy makers
    • Sculptors
    • Inlay

Since the 50's, Mijas has attracted many an artist from the rest of Spain and from abroad, including painters, sculptors, potters and photographers.

Mijas is their place of choice because it gives them the ideal environment to practice their crafts and create their work. Particularly good lighting, an artistic environment and the great support given by the Mijas City Hall, which has at their disposal several exhibition galleries, and also hosts art contests and assorted artistic activities throughout the year.

Among the art works that can be found in Mijas made by local artists are:

  • Oil and watercolor paintings.
  • Sculptures.
  • Engravings.
  • Artistic pottery.
  • Drawings.
  • Photography.

Some of our local professional artists:

    • Michele Lehmann - Painter
    • Pedro Escalona – Painter
    • Carmen Escalona – Potter
    • Amelung – Potter
    • Don Clarke – Pintor
    • Jesús Jaime - Artistic photographer
    • Lázaro Cruz - Sculptor
    • José Ramón Sosa - Caricaturist

There's a visual artist association in Mijas.
(Art Center or "Centro de Artes")
Tel.: 952 48 52 80