The Municipality of Mijas has made a cataloging of unique trees in the municipality.

To consult this catalog, download the Google Earth application  and once installed, open the file containing the Catalog of unique trees in Mijas.

Also, you can know and consult the main characteristics of the specimens that make up the Municipal Catalog of Singular Trees, in the following files:

 If you have questions about the operation of Google Earth, go to their help page to solve them.


If you want to know in situ the trees that are included in this Catalog, we present different routes proposals for different areas of the municipality. These routes can be done on foot, by bike, or by vehicle, depending on the distance traveled. Important: Some of these trees are located in private properties, so please ask before going to see them, asking permission from the owners or managers who are there and respect their indications at all times. 

  • Route 1. Sitio de Calahonda – Download (PDF)

  • Route 2. La Cala de Mijas – Download (PDF) 

  • Route 3. Las Lagunas – Download (PDF)

  • Route 4. Mijas – Download (PDF) 

  • Route 5. Diseminado de Las Lomas – Download (PDF)

  • Route 6. Osunillas – Download (PDF)

  • Route 7. Diseminado de El Hinojal – Download (PDF)

  • Route 8. Diseminado de Entrerríos – Download (PDF)