According to Aehcos, the sector's forecasts for the final stretch of 2023 are encouraging and could be above those obtained in 2019 and 2022


Published: 8th November 2023


The Hotel Business Association of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos) reports that the month of October closed with a hotel occupancy rate of 83.71%, two percentage points higher than last year, when the tenth month of 2022 closed with an occupancy rate of 81.74%.

By areas, Benalmádena leads the occupancy rate this past month with 90.01%. It is followed by Fuengirola, with 86.45%; Ronda, with 84.04%; and Nerja, with 83.89%. Mijas, according to the vice-president of Aehcos for our municipality, Juan Miguel Marcos, "is in line with the average, obtaining magnificent occupancy data and full of hope for future months, which allows us to be optimistic to confirm that the high tourist season is extended, which no longer ends in September".

Seventy percent of the tourists who visited the province were international, while the remaining 30% were Spanish. These figures show a drop in demand from the national market, which, according to Aehcos, could be due to the increase in inflation, which is causing the cost of living of Spanish families to rise.

As for the Gross Business Impact per Hosted Client (IBCA) during October was almost 117 euros (116.90 euros), while the previous year's figure was 105 euros (105.06 euros).

The sector's forecasts for the final stretch of 2023 are encouraging, according to Aehcos, they could be above those obtained in 2019 and 2022. Occupancy during November is expected to be 57.65% and that of December, 48.24%, figures that could increase significantly with last minute bookings and the increase in airline seats to Malaga.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.