The works, which are being carried out on the El Ahogadero estate, focus on earthworks to distribute the sports, cultural and natural spaces


Published: 27th October 2023


The mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE), and the councillor for Works and Infrastructures, José Carlos Martín (Cs), visited the El Ahogadero estate in Las Lagunas on Thursday morning to check on the progress of the work on the so-called 'Gran Parque de la Costa del Sol', which is currently progressing smoothly over an area of 360,000 square metres. It is a project of great ecological and social value for the municipality, "especially because it includes the planting of 2,000 trees and shrubs and 20,000 plants, a great green lung," said the mayor of Mijas, "a project of great ecological and social value for the municipality, "especially because it includes the planting of 2,000 trees and shrubs and 20,000 plants, a great green lung. He added, "especially because it includes the planting of 2,000 trees and shrubs and 20,000 plants, a great green lung to make our municipality more sustainable, something that our town is sorely lacking, without forgetting all the sporting, cultural and leisure activities included in this initiative", "because we must not forget that in addition to the green areas there are spaces for running, bike lanes, skating, skate park and a large amphitheatre". 

The good weather in recent weeks has favoured the course of the work, which is now 15 percent complete, said Martín, "ahead of the initially planned schedule". Now they are focusing on earthworks with specialised machinery to delimit the perimeter, settle the land and make it firm, "in addition we can already see and intuit the layout of the main ring of the park, the lanes that run through the park, the area of the future auditorium as well as the future size of the two navigable lakes that will be located in the central area". 

At the same time as the works are being carried out, archaeological monitoring of the entire site is also being carried out, "in fact, some ancient pieces have already appeared which have been analysed by an expert but, for the moment, they are not important", Martín pointed out.

The balance of the project, therefore, and for the time being, is very positive for the Executive. "This has been a commitment of both the PSOE and Ciudadanos that we have made a reality thanks to the impulse that we have given from the municipal management and on which we have been working for more than seven years. Now what we want is for the works to continue at this good pace and we will be very attentive to it", said the mayor of Mijas, while the head of Infrastructures recalled that "the implementation of this ambitious project was difficult from an administrative point of view, but from the beginning we bet on it, because it will mean a radical change for the heart of Las Lagunas and will be a great tourist attraction for our municipality. 

The work began in August and will continue until February 2025 if the deadlines are met as they have been up to now. "The project has only just begun but we can already see the enormous scope of this project, which will become the largest park in Malaga and one of the largest in Andalusia", stressed the mayor of Mijas. 


Characteristics of the project

The 'Gran Parque de Mijas' covers the length from the cemetery grounds to the Cerros del Águila urbanisation and in width to the vicinity of the Venta de la Morena area known as 'El Ahogadero', which means an approximate extension of 36 hectares. The budget is 22.6 million euros and the execution period is 18 months. The first phase of the project has been awarded to Vías y Construcciones S.A. and TT and EXC Arroyo. The project includes a second phase to build two access bridges which, in addition to improving connections with this space, will combat flooding in the area.

The architectural style of this space is typical Andalusian with allusions to the donkey taxi, Arab tiles, wrought iron, exposed pilasters, geometric tiles and all those elements that define us as a town. These will be used in fountains, kiosks and, most uniquely, in the construction of a pavilion.

For the little ones there will be extensive children's play areas, some of which will be aquatic. Grandparents will also have their place and will have outdoor games tables (chess and cards) as well as the typical petanque area.

The project also envisages an open-air amphitheatre where concerts and plays, among other shows, can be organised, as well as large gardens and woodland, a running track on the perimeter, a cycle and skating lane, a skate park and a climbing wall, among others. This recreational area is only a kilometre and a half away from the centre of the town centre, so it will be fully accessible on foot for residents.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.