A peak season ends with figures similar to those seen in the year 2022


Published: 6th October 2023


September closed with a hotel occupancy rate of 86.75% for the province’s hotel establishments. This is reflected in the latest data released by the Association of Hoteliers Association of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), which reflects the presence of international tourists at 70% during the ninth month of the year. The figures are very similar to those achieved in the year 2022. “What does worry us is the reduction in domestic tourism, which has experienced a decline due to inflation and the rise in interest rates”, said José Luque, president of Aehcos, who has expressed concern about “the profitability of hotel accommodation that may be reduced during the winter season. By destinations, September has left us with the highest occupancy in Benalmádena, with 93.67%. It is followed by Malaga city (87.29%), Mijas (85.79%) and Ronda (85.54%), with the average Gross Business Impact per Customer Accommodated (IBCA) reaching 156.44 euros, with an increase of more than 10 euros per client compared to the data of 2022 (146.03 euros). “The figures have been maintained despite the latent economic concerns in society. That is why our commitment for the coming months is to continue to take care of the usual international and national tourism, but also to explore other niche markets such as Latin America, India, Japan or South Korea”, adds Luque.

Future forecasts

For the coming months, Aehcos expects occupancy in October to reach 78.62% (three percentage points below the figure reached in 2022) and 55.60% in November (nine percentage points below the same period last year). As for the most popular destinations, in October Benalmádena stands out with an occupancy rate of 91.25%. It is followed by Mijas, Malaga city and Marbella.


Félix Reyes | Director Hotel TRH Mijas

“September has been a pretty good month. We have been quite, quite well and have reached almost 95% occupancy, and we have had many days with the hotel at 100% occupancy. We are happy with the results. We also expect October to be a good month in terms of occupancy. Now we are also waiting for the Pilar long weekend, in which we also expect to be fully booked, and we expect to reach 80-odd percent occupancy, approaching 90%. Our clientele is 99% international, mainly British, followed by the Dutch and they are senior clients. The truth is that they are quite a good clientele; they come to relax, to enjoy themselves, to consume. In general, we are already above pre-pandemic levels. But it is true that, although occupancy figures are good, the profit margin is not as good as it was before the pandemic”.


Manuel Camacho | Director Hotel VIK Gran Costa del Sol

“September has been particularly good. There have been many full days, we have had between 92 and 93 percent occupancy. During the first ten days of September we have still had a lot of national tourism and from the second fortnight onwards, above all, we will have a lot of foreign tourism. Mijas, like it or not, is a multiversal destination, we have everything in the municipality and we have a fantastic location, which favours visitors all year round. Obviously being 30 minutes from the airport is a great thing for the hotel and makes us very attractive. La Cala de Mijas, moreover, little by little, over the years, has been opening up more. Businesses are open all year round, restaurants, supermarkets and, therefore, the hotel is also open all year round. We have good forecasts for October and November. Let’s hope they are fulfilled.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.