The municipality has also emphasised traditional segments such as 'sun and beach' or the 'typical Andalusian village' as they fit in with the preferences of the


Published: 6th October 2023


During these three days of work, the tourism delegation from Mijas travelling to the French capital has met with tour operators and agents specialised in this market to show the destination. "In this edition we have placed special emphasis on our golf segment because we have noticed that players from Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg are increasingly arriving to Mijas and at this fair we have had the opportunity to show them all the advantages of our 12 golf courses and, especially, the quality of all the services", said the first deputy mayor and councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín.

In this same regard, the councillor pointed out that "France is the third country of origin of tourists to our destination, so every year the department does a great job at the IFTM Top Resa, not only for this reason, but also because we are targeting the French-speaking public in general, which includes the Benelux.

Apart from golf, the Tourism department has promoted two other 'key' segments for this market such as 'sun and beach' and the 'typical Andalusian village'. "The French are very loyal to our destination as it fits perfectly into their preferences. We will continue to strengthen this market and, above all, we will try to ensure that they not only visit us in high season but that the percentage continues to increase during autumn and winter", says the councillor.

For his part, Juan Carlos Acevedo, head of service of the department, stressed that "French tourism has made a spectacular 'surge' in our municipality, especially during the time of the pandemic, and currently the figures are being maintained because it is a very loyal tourist to destinations.

Therefore, Mijas has attended the event, of great importance for the global tourism sector, along with Tour España, Turismo Andaluz and the Tourist Board, seeking, remarked Martin, "to promote our town and its virtues and continue to attract potential customers for the high season next year. To do this, the Mijas delegation has not only been promoted at the IFTM itself, but has met with French tour operators to achieve the greatest possible presence in this interesting source market.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.