After concluding the active listening phase, the drafting of the document begins, which is expected to be finalised in November


Published: 29th September 2023


The first deputy mayor and councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), received the dean of the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Málaga (UMA), Antonio Guevara, and the director of the University Institute for Research and Tourism Intelligence and Innovation of the UMA, Enrique Navarro, to close the participatory phase of the II Strategic Plan for Tourism in Mijas on the morning of Thursday 28th. The event was aimed at associations and groups, but was also attended by political parties.

At this meeting, the authors of the document presented the first conclusions on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that they found in the previous ‘active listening’ meetings.

Councillor José Carlos Martin stressed that “we seek consensus and that the plan brings together all the opinions, assessments and concerns of the whole of Mijas society, because let us not forget that this document will reflect all the actions that this institution, the Mijas Town Hall, will carry out hand in hand with the business and social sector in the municipality”.

Analysis of the sector and definition of strategies

Among the issues that the University of Malaga has dealt with in its ‘active listening’ to the agents and professionals of the sector, there is an analysis of weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities, as well as the strategic lines designed accordingly, which, according to Enrique Navarro, “include two elements in addition to the previously recognised segments, which are, on the one hand, nature, inland and active tourism, and, on the other, more active tourism also on the coast, and there is the Coastal Path, which is also very important to develop”.

The pandemic, according to Navarro, has accelerated new trends that were already beginning to emerge in the tourism sector, such as “avoiding the overcrowding of certain destinations or moving to less crowded places, this has been an important element, and there has also been a growth in interest in nature, in going to more natural areas, to inland areas... And in this case, Mijas has this potential”. The UMA hopes that the plan can be finalised by the beginning of November.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.