Almost 14,700 people requested information during August at the Mijas Tourist Office


Published: 5th September 2023


This Friday, the first deputy mayor and councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), took stock of hotel occupancy and visits to the Mijas Pueblo Tourist Office during the month of August, where the figures are once again soaring for the municipality. "We are growing at a good pace and even exceeded the average of the province by three points. Our town registered 91.59 percent hotel occupancy in August, increasing our own figures from July, where we already surpassed our historical record", said Martin.

Thus, these data provided by the Association of Hoteliers Association of the Costa del Sol (AHECOS) show the good health of the hotel industry in Mijas. "We will continue to work closely with the entrepreneurs of the sector because these data are synonymous with employment in the municipality and the generation of wealth, not only for hotels, but also for shops and restaurants in the surrounding area, so that many Mijas families benefit from the good performance of our tourism industry", said the councillor.

The first deputy mayor also put the figures of visitors who came to the Mijas Pueblo Tourist Office on the table, where 14,693 people were counted in August. "Without a doubt, it has been a very fruitful month for the town, as we have increased the number of tourists by 55.4 percent compared to the same period in 2022", said Martin, adding that "the national visitor continues to be the most abundant in Mijas followed by the British, French and German as well as the fact that we have perceived an increase in travellers from Canada and the USA".

According to the councillor, "the work carried out by the department at the international tourism fairs has borne fruit, as we are noticing a progressive increase in visitors from all the geographical areas we attend, which is why we will continue to emphasise this type of forum and open up new markets, to continue promoting our municipality and seek quality tourism".

Similarly, an important fact is that, as of July 2023, there were already 81,801 visits to the Mijas Pueblo Tourist Office, which means that the 78,307 visitors of the whole year 2022 have already been crossed, exceeding in just seven months by 4.4 percent the overall figure for the whole of 2022. In August, the total number of visitors was 96.494 people, which means that the percentage continues to grow for this year.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.