Some of the tasks will be to monitor compliance with municipal ordinances, control street vending, prevent theft and prevent illegal massages


Published: 28th June 2024


For another year, the Mijas coastline will have a cycling unit of the Local Police to ensure the safety of residents and visitors. From today 24th of June until the 8th of September, between 11:00 and 19:00 hours, two pairs of officers will take turns to ensure proper compliance with municipal ordinances, control street vending, prevent theft and prevent illegal massages. In short, they will act to reinforce security on the beaches along the Coastal Path, from El Torreón to the Luna Beach beach bar in Calahonda.

This was announced by the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), accompanied by the councillor for Local Police, Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson (Vox), and by the head of the police force, Juan Manuel Rosas, who wanted to highlight the work carried out by these officers: "The presence of this cycling unit is a guarantee of safety on our coastline and also a reassurance for residents and visitors in the sense that our beaches are not only in the best conditions but also safe. In Mijas, the population practically doubles during these months, which is why we are making every effort to offer our residents and visitors the best possible wellbeing", said Mata.

Rosas also expressed himself along these lines, stressing that this cycling unit is a priority service, as the Coastal Path, not being accessible to other types of vehicles, the electric bicycles make it possible to cover the whole of this area: "The agents have a very direct relationship with the lifeguards because, in addition to the preventive presence to avoid crime, they also carry out important work on the order of the beaches, such as preventing fishing off the clock, consumption of narcotics, disturbance to other users, to which is added a very direct relationship with the hoteliers who, in the event of any incident, the officers will assist in a matter of minutes." 

For his part, the councillor for Local Police has insisted on the importance of public safety: "Improving safety is the most important thing because it affects the population and tourism, so we must pay the utmost attention, which is why we are adjusting the officers' shifts". In this sense, during the summer months, the number of officers will be reinforced, especially in the evening shift, with an average of eight units operating throughout the municipality.  

All have agreed to call for civility and respect among all citizens so that the summer is synonymous with coexistence, enjoyment and harmony in Mijas.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.