Humildad Ríos and Morena Villa have been the first artists to show their wood and leather pieces, respectively.


Published: 6th May 2024


The Mijas Craft Association will exhibit from now on the works of its members in the Tourist Office of Mijas Pueblo. Every month, two artisans of the collective will present their work in this space.

Humildad Ríos and Morena Villa have been the first artists to participate in the initiative, showing their pieces until the 30th of May. Humildad Ríos, a professional craftswoman for seven years, has decided to show the woods, varnishes and pigments she uses every day: “I wanted to summarise the whole process of my work, from the raw piece of wood to the final work, and then I have also used the opportunity to hang some of the kitchen tables I decorate, all of them handpainted or varnished with non-toxic products”, she explained.

As for Moreno Villa, she has been working mainly with braided leather for a  decade, creating bracelets, “and here we can see a selection of my work, although I adapt to what the client wants, who is in charge of choosing the colour, the type of leather, the size...”, she highlighted.

As well as exhibiting their work, they also offer visitors the chance to buy their work, “the good thing about being here at the Tourist Office is that this place has a huge amount of visitors”, said the president of the Mijas Craft Association, Sonia Lekuona.

In addition, this collaboration between the Department for Tourism and the Mijas craft collective aims to promote the municipality as an epicentre for handicrafts, said the Councillor for Culture of the Mijas Town Hall, Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP). “We cannot forget that craftwork is a very interesting tourist element, as well as being a relevant economic and cultural activity”, he added.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.