Four hotels in Mijas have over 80% occupancy of their beds, while three have 70% and a couple are below this percentage


Published: 27th March 2024


Mijas, with an important number of foreign tourists, maintains good tourist forecasts for this Easter despite the rains, with several hotels that exceed 80% hotel occupancy and others that are around 70%, with few hotels below that percentage. However, some hotels have seen a reduction in the last few days in the percentage they were expecting due to some last minute cancellations, which they hope to overcome with attractive offers.

For the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata (PP), “the forecasts are being met and the hotel occupancy figures show that this is going to be a great Easter Week for Mijas, which is once again one of the most popular destinations not only in the province of Malaga but also in the whole of Spain”.

The mayoress considered that this is “the result of the constant work of the entire Mijas tourism sector, which works every day for excellence so that our municipality is a first class attraction both nationally and internationally. In this regard, the first mayor assured that the City Council will continue to support tourism entrepreneurs, a key sector for the development of Mijas. “It is our main economic engine and a segment that is the great generator of employment.

The councillors for Tourism and Tourism Promotion, Juan Carlos Cuevas Dawson (Vox) and Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP), respectively, also took stock of this forecast that maintains positive percentages despite the inclement weather. “The news regarding hotel occupancy is good, above 80%, and our market is not only that, there are also the tourist flats, of which we do not have accurate data,” said Cuevas Dawson, who said that, not only for Easter, but that “expectations are good for the whole year.

“We have 12 golf courses and that also attracts a lot of tourism,” said the mayor, who considered that there is a great desire to go out after covid, “What we have to do is facilitate it as much as possible, especially in terms of security and investment,” said Cuevas Dawson, while Maldonado, noted that the “unstable weather has influenced the occupation not only of Mijas but, obviously, of the Costa del Sol. The councillor for Tourism Promotion recalled that “Aehcos forecasts for Mijas, prior to Easter, gave an occupancy rate of around 83%, but it is true that there are hotels in the municipality that exceed that occupancy rate”.

In this sense, he explained that Mijas not only attracts sun and beach tourists, but that many visitors have chosen the town as a destination these days for its Easter Week, its gastronomy, its mountains and also its golf, “a sport for which these temperatures are optimal conditions because they avoid the heat, which is a handicap in its practice”.

Occasional cancellationsOf the nine hotels and resorts in Mijas, four have hotel occupancy forecasts of over 80% for Easter, three are around 70% and only two are below.

The Association of Hoteliers Association of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), now set the forecast at an average of 70%, according to statements made by the vice president of the association in the Mijas area, Juan Miguel Marcos.

“It is true that cancellations are occurring, but not to alarm us because foreigners who have bought tickets do not cancel and in Mijas there is a reasonable percentage of foreigners; the cancellations that occur are of Spaniards,” said Marcos, to clarify that these are not “mass cancellations” and therefore “are not worrying”. In addition, he said that “Easter has always been a time of many last minute bookings, of people who on Tuesday or Wednesday make the decision to move and it may happen this year that these bookings are smaller than other years,” Marcos reflected, adding that it is not a bad Easter, despite the weather forecasts.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.