The slogan focuses on the evocative character that makes Mijas a sought-after destination


Published: 1st March 2024


From the 5th to the 7th of March, Berlin will become the epicentre of international tourism thanks to the celebration of one of the most important fairs of the sector, the ITB. 

The Mijas delegation in Berlin will be led by the councillors for Tourism and Tourism Promotion, Juan Carlos Cuevas (Vox) and Juan Carlos Maldonado (PMP) who, during the presentation on Thursday 29th, highlighted the importance of German tourism on the Costa del Sol. 

“The positioning of the German tourist is undeniable, being the third largest source market for visitors, which shows the importance of a fair like the ITB”, said Maldonado.

For his part, Cuevas recalled that tourists who visit Mijas “do so because they find a unique experience in our municipality that no other destination offers, as it manages to combine its wide range of leisure and culture with the traditional elements of a white village. 

In this regard, councillor Cuevas underlined the forecasts offered a few days ago by Aehcos, which indicated that Mijas expects to record an average occupancy rate of 83.66% at Easter, more than five points higher than what is expected for the Costa del Sol. 

Cuevas also made a special mention regarding “residential tourism”, characterised by those people who visit us on a one-off basis and “fall in love with this welcoming and friendly land”, becoming residents. Tourism, he explained, “which contributes so much to the local economy and employment”, and which is so necessary to value and care for so that Mijas can be the Florida of Europe.

An “unforgettable” experience

That is why the strategy of the Mijas delegation in Berlin will be to promote the municipality as an evocative and sensory experience which, according to the government team, “perfectly conveys the predominant feeling of the tourist who visits the town. The fact is that visiting Mijas produces an experience that goes beyond the purely objective and speaks of character, of the way of understanding life, of hospitality”.  

Therefore, both councillors stressed that the reason why every tourist discovers a different and personal Mijas is because it is “one of the destinations with the widest range of leisure and culture, which is prepared to cater to a broad range of tourists (whether family, rural, sports, golf and sun and beach...) and with an added value that makes it unique: an unforgettable and unique experience”, according to the Tourist Board.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.