Published: 26th January 2024


Mijas was the centre of attention this Thursday at the Costa del Sol Tourism exhibition space at Fitur. The mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata, presented the campaign 'Mijas, as you like it', defending the strategy pursued by the Tourism Department to promote the municipality as an evocative and sensory experience.

Mata began her speech by thanking the Costa del Sol Tourism "for the effort made in this edition of Fitur 2024 to position the Costa del Sol as one of the great international destinations and to allow the different municipalities to participate actively to present our proposals and strategies". The mayoress also applauded the work carried out by the Tourism and Tourism Promotion departments to ensure that our presence here "has been a success". 

With regard to the strategy, Mata explained that it is focused on "promoting the experience, the authenticity and the evocative nature of visiting Mijas, beyond its wide range of attractions". In this sense, "everyone who visits Mijas does so because it transforms them, it produces an evocative and sensory experience that goes beyond the purely objective and that speaks of character, of a way of understanding life, of hospitality; Mijas as a destination that represents a set of experiences and emotions that remain forever", she added.

She ended her speech by highlighting that Mijas "is one of the destinations with the widest range of leisure and culture, which is prepared to cater for a wide range of tourists (whether family, rural, sports, sun and beach...) and which, in addition, will offer them an added value that makes us unique: an unforgettable and unique experience".

After her speech, Ana Mata gave way to the audiovisual spot that perfectly sums up the strategy of the campaign 'Mijas, as you want it'.

Accompanying the councillor was the Mijas delegation and the head of strategy of Idiliq Group, Juan José Millán, who presented the new sustainable hotel project that will bring to Mijas the largest hotel franchiser in the world, Wyndham, with whom they have been collaborating for many years: the Wyndham Grand La Cala Golf Residences.

Intense day of meetings

In addition to the presentation of the campaign, on Thursday meetings have continued with various representatives of the tourism sector entities, such as those held with the managing director of Malaga Cruise Port, Susana Gutierrez, the vice president of the Spanish-Japanese Tourism Association, Yoshitaka Hoshina, representatives of Jet2 Ana Polo and Alex Pearson, and the various tour operators, among others.

Also, the Mijas delegation has received today at the stand of the Costa del Sol, where the municipality has its space, the students of the Tourism module of IES Vega de Mijas, who have traveled to the capital to learn firsthand how a fair of such importance as Fitur works.

The new sustainable hotel project

The head of strategy of Idiliq Group, Juan José Millán, has presented the new project that will be a milestone in Mijas and the Costa del Sol: the Wyndham Grand La Cala Golf Residences. The Wyndham brand confirms its great commitment to the municipality to bring its first branded residences hotel to Spain.

Millán explained that Idiliq Group has "a long history with the Wyndham hotel brand, with whom we have been collaborating for many years". On the other hand, I have to confess that we are in love with Mijas, the place where the group started 40 years ago. That's why, from the very first moment, it was clear to us that the first branded residences of this brand in Spain had to be in Mijas and we haven't stopped working until we got it. Without a doubt, the location of Mijas is exceptional, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, with fantastic beaches, golf courses, nature activities and only 20 minutes from Malaga airport. As we like to explain to our guests, Mijas is the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Hotel branded residences are sustainable because they combine the best of both worlds, residential and hotel, bringing double value to the municipality. The foreign buyer of a second home does not use it all year round, so he/she is looking for someone to manage it and make it profitable for the rest of the time; that is why a professional management company and a hotel brand of international prestige are the best allies in this case.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.