The initiative will be launched on Tuesday and will run until the 24th August


On Thursday morning, the Department for Tourism presented the XV ‘Ruta de la Tapa de Mijas Pueblo’ (XV Tapa Route of Mijas Pueblo). Eight establishments, including two ice cream parlours, have joined this year’s initiative, which will start next Tuesday 4th July and will run until 24th August. Participants in this gastronomic route will be able to enjoy a tapa and a drink or an ice cream for just three euros every Tuesday and Thursday from 19:30 to 23:00 and complete the tapa ticket to win important prizes. This year two ice cream parlours take part in this initiative to promote the town and attract more tourists. “The aim is, firstly, to highlight the local gastronomy of our municipality, which is very rich; we will all be able to enjoy these tapas offered by the great restaurants of our municipality. Secondly, the route is one more attraction that joins the entire range of events that we have organised throughout the summer so that when tourists come to enjoy these wonderful tapas they can also enjoy our town and visit it”, explained the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who added that the ‘Ruta de la Tapa’ is associated with the ‘Vive Mijas de Noche’ (Live Mijas by Night), which “ features performances and a street market. Everything is a package that seeks to attract tourists to our municipality and with which we can also enhance important elements such as gastronomy”.

More quality

The tapas get better and better every year. This year eight establishments have presented themselves, each one with a more appetising proposal. “They are tapas and ice creams that I recommend that people try; there is great variety, which is a reflection of what there is in Mijas, which are businesses of different origins, with very international cuisine, as is the public that visits us. I would like to congratulate the participants because they are going to enjoy themselves. At a very reasonable price they will have an excellent tapa and the opportunity to combine it with a visit to Mijas”, said the taster of the tapas, Cristóbal Gallego, “The establishments have put a lot of effort into the preparation of their tapas. “Muskoka presents a seafood gratin with a taste of the sea, and at La Tasca we have toast with local tomato, anchovies and parsley oil”, said Lorena Orellana, representative of both businesses. At the ice cream parlour El Principito they have chosen to make an ice cream “with the famous María biscuit, caramel syrup and nuts”, said Khadijaer Ragruguy. “We like to mix something sweet with the acidity of the nuts”, she added.


The quality of the tapas makes the competition increasingly fierce. Café Bar Porras won last year. «This year it will be up to the public to decide. I see that there is quite a lot of competition and it is quite close», said Federico Cumbreras, representative of this business from Mijas. But it’s not just about winning, the establishments also see this initiative as an opportunity to promote themselves: “The route is always very popular in the village and with it we also make the business a little better known so that people come back”, added Patricia Roura, from La Bóveda del Flamenco. “Our aim with our participation is to be one more among all the businesses that there are and for people to keep coming to the village to visit it”, said Adrián Mariscal, from Radikal Street Food. But the Tapa Route is not only a gastronomic experience. There is a prize for taking part. All you have to do is fill in the “tapaporte” to get a ticket to the water park and a T-shirt, while stocks last. Luisa Machen, a technician from the Tourism Department, explained that there are 500 tickets to the water park available and that they can be exchanged from August 15th, while the “tapaportes” can be handed in until August 24th at the Tourist Office, where they can also be collected. In addition, those who complete the route will be able to participate in a raffle.

Live Mijas by Night

In addition to sampling tapas, you can enjoy the entertainment programmeLive Mijas by Night, with the performance by a local group on the Plaza Virgen de la Peña from Monday to Thursday at 22 h, while on Fridays the show will be at the same time at La Butibamba Park. The entertainment in Mijas Village is complemented by a craft market on the Virgen de la Peña square from Monday to Thursday from 20 to 00 hours.


Source: Mijas Semanal