Around 120 tour operators and travel agency representatives met yesterday at the Gran Vik Costa del Sol hotel


La Cala de Mijas hosted yesterday afternoon a meeting of professionals from the tourism sector with the aim of promoting our municipality and making it known in other cities. The event was attended by around 120 tour operators and travel agency representatives. The hotel Gran Vik Costa del Sol was in charge of organising this event in its facilities, where they were able to exchange ideas and strategies. Its director, Manuel Camacho, said that "it is an event where we bring together practically all the travel agents or representatives of all the agencies on the Costa del Sol that bring us clients", and added that "it is a way of spending time together and thanking them for the work they do. It is a conviviality".

All of this also with a view to the coming high season. "The strategy this season is to consolidate the numbers for 2022. We are going to try to reach figures from 2019, which would be great numbers, and diversify the destination again. La Cala de Mijas, and Mijas itself, we know that it is a very transversal destination with the capacity to take on clients who want sea, mountains, gastronomy, etc.", said Camacho. 

Mijas is characterised as a unique place on the Costa del Sol, as it has different tourist attractions such as its 14 kilometres of coastline and beach, mountains, golf courses and a great gastronomic offer. One of the attendees at the event, the commercial director of the company Tour 10, José Herás, pointed out that "we have little to sell as a destination on the Costa del Sol. We are recognised worldwide. It is a place of beach, sun, climate... we have it all. There are destinations that are more complicated to sell, but this one we practically dispatch more than sell".


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.