The municipality renews the Blue Centre distinction for El Torreón and the Blue Path for the Coastal Path and obtains a special mention for the lifeguard team


This year Mijas has not only renewed the three blue flags flying along its coastline, but has also obtained one more. In addition to the existing blue flags on the beaches of El Bombo, Calahonda I (Royal Beach-La Luna) and La Cala, a new one has now been added to El Chaparral beach. "It is a beach with special charm, it has its own character, it is a very nature-oriented beach; it is also very wide, almost four kilometres long, and has been equipped with all the services requested by the ADEAC (Association of Environmental and Consumer Education) to be able to acquire this blue flag", said the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE). 

Mijas now has four of the 39 blue flags that have been awarded to beaches in the province and which are a distinction awarded since 1987 by the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to sustainable beaches after annual inspections and audits carried out by the ADEAC to those municipalities that apply for it and meet a series of criteria. "They assess the quality of the sea water, the quality of the streams, accessibility, the area with environmental protection... there are a series of criteria that we have to meet and once they are met the result is the awarding of these prizes", explained the councillor responsible for Beaches, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who, like the mayor, thanked all the agents involved for their work: "From here, I would like to state my appreciation for the multidisciplinary work that is carried out, not only by the Beaches team but also by many areas of this council and, above all, by all the representatives and all the businesspersons of the sector, help us to make our beaches look spectacular".


Other awards

However, Mijas is not only known for its beaches. The municipality has also renewed the Blue Centre distinction for the Watchtowers Interpretation Centre, located at El Torreón de La Cala, the Blue Trail distinction for the Coastal Path, and has obtained a special mention, Mijas being one of only three municipalities in the country and the only Andalusian municipality to receive it, in this case for its Rescue and Lifeguard service, which covers "the 14 kilometres of coastline", stated González. "Every year it grows and offers new services and adapts to the new conditions and innovations that the companies we work with in the field of lifeguarding provide. This is also reflected in the fact that every year we can report the best news possible: in Mijas we have no casualties on our beaches", added the mayor. All this contributes to the fact that the coast of Mijas is a tourist attraction, as we have already seen during the Easter season.


Source: Mijas Comunicacion S.A.