Through a grant of over 280,000 euros from the ‘Mancomunidad’, new modules, towers, showers and fountains have been newly acquire


Ahead of the start of the high tourist season in the municipality, the Mijas Town Hall has already begun to renew part of the fixtures allocated to beaches, using a grant of nearly 300,000 euros from the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol.

The councillor in charge of Beaches at the Mijas Town Hall, José Carlos Martín (Cs), visited, on Monday the 27th of February,  the area of El Bombo beach to see these new fixtures, “among which are lifeguard and rescue modules, toilet modules, towers, showers and fountains, which will be located along the entire coastline”.

In addition to featuring more resistant and sustainable materials, the booths now also sport a more modern design, respecting the wooden features but giving them a more maritime significance, with drawings in white and blue tones.

“This is going to be the new format of equipment that we want to implement on all our beaches, obviously we will change them little by little, depending on our possibilities, but the idea is to extend this new style to all our beach modules, both toilets and lifeguard stations”, said the councillor.

These tasks are carried out by the Beaches teams themselves, using extra machinery from Operational Services. Parallel to these works, sand contributions are also being undertaken in certain parts of the Mijas coast, all with a view to the beginning of Easter. 

“Fortunately, the last storms we have suffered on the coast have respected us more than the ones lived last year and no major damage has been recorded, in fact, the Coastal Path was not really affected”, assured councillor Martin.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.