The Lifeguard and Rescue Service, made up of 83 members of staff, has attended to 20,534 incidents up to 30th September


The Beaches Department takes stock of the season between Easter Week and 30th September. The best data is what has been repeated in recent years, as there have been no fatalities on our coastline, so the Mijas coast is again one of the safest. That was confirmed last Friday by the Councillor responsible for the area, José Carlos Martín (Cs). He stressed, " we have not had any fatal accidents on our beaches. That is something that we have been achieving for many years, and that is the result of chance. There are also important components such as professionalism and preparation to anticipate certain circumstances.

The Councillor was accompanied by the EMS Malaga coordinator, Gonzalo Botta. He pointed out that "we have had some quite complicated situations to resolve as three cardiorespiratory arrests. These cases are difficult to deal with, but thanks to the quick response of the rescue service and the health services as first aid responders, we managed to get all three out, including one of a 13-year-old girl, who was left unconscious in the water".

Type of incidents

This year, the Lifeguard and Rescue Service was made up of 83 members of staff. They have dealt with a total of 20,534 incidents, which means an average of 5,000 incidents per month. The majority, 55%, are related to non-compliance with the ordinance that ensures the safety of bathers; 18% are related to health incidents and 4.5% to preventive rescue actions carried out by the drone. According to Martín, "it is an element that we have introduced, and I think it will remain in the future given the magnificent work it does and the tool it provides for the lifeguard team".

Adapted beaches

The rest of the incidents are related to the attention given to the four accessible beaches of the Mijas coastline, where 1,750 users with functional diversity have attended. "I know, and it happens year after year, that the lifeguard and lifeguard team takes care with special sensitivity to all users who come to any of our four beaches with universal accessibility. Therefore, I thank them for their work, and I am pleased to see that more and more users are accessing our beaches," added the Councillor.

We have had three times the number of visitors compared to the previous year. It is a strong service point", said Botta. He assured, "foreign tourists and even national tourists are surprised this service is provided to people with functional diversity and that, to top it all, it is free of charge".

The beach season is getting longer

Although the high season of beaches has ended, we remind you that the Lifeguard and Rescue Service continues to ensure bathers' safety during the weekends of October as the high temperatures continue to tempt us to take a dip on the coast.


Fuente: Mijas Comunicación S.A.