Arctic Monkeys will rock Sonora Mijas with a spectacular performance in their only concert in Spain


The long awaited day has arrived. This festival began to take shape months ago and has finally opened to the world with an attractive line-up that has managed to position the Mijas brand on an international scale thanks to the commitment made by the Mijas Town Hall. It has placed all its trust in Last Tour, capable of bringing together the best of the international and national music scene for three days.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights was Arctic Monkeys, the British band led by Alex Turner, who, with their staging and powerful live performance, made the whole Sonora Mijas rock during a show in which they went through the most popular themes of the band.

In addition, this is the only live show they are offering in our country, being a great attraction for all the followers of the Sheffield band, who also announced, a few days ago, their new album ‘The Car’, to be released on October 21st.

Another of the sensations of this first concert day was Roisin Murphy, who brought together a fan number on the Victoria stage, who chanted and danced to her songs.

The Mayor of the municipality, Josele González (PSOE), did not miss this first event. He stressed, “ we have a challenge ahead, and that is to make sure that this festival goes as planned, and make sure everyone who comes to visit us during these days leaves with a good impression of the festival on their mind. We have to deploy all the means and resources at our hands, so our city can have the means to host an event of this magnitude. In three days it will host up to almost 150,000 people.” He also stressed, “ we must take into account that it is the first time in history that this municipality is facing the organisation of an event of this magnitude. We have been bold in our commitment to it because, frankly, the easy thing to do is do nothing, to stick to what has always been done. But we were quite aware that we had to commit to a musical and cultural space of this type, such as the Cala Mijas festival”.

González was accompanied by the Councillor for Fiestas, Tamara Vera (PSOE), who said that “we have been able to see the mixture of different ages in the festival, as parents come with their children, that is to say, the youngest of the family, to enjoy a festival of this magnitude, in which we have put a lot of effort and enthusiasm”.

For his part, the director of this event, Alfonso Santiago, explained that “it has been a year of intense work, and now all that remains is to enjoy it. The beginning is going well. There are many global artists and even people from the business, so I think this will be very good for the future. Especially to develop all those relationships that will make things like this to happen in the years to come, where many more can happen.



Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.