The Torreón de La Cala has been the scene of the activities included in the fi shing awareness campaign of the Junta de Andalucía, with which the municipal areas of Beaches, Livestock, and Fisheries collaborate. The initiative ‘Consume fresh Andalusian fish’ seeks to raise awareness among people aiming for healthy eating and avoiding the consumption of immature fish. The Councillor for Beaches of Mijas Town Hall, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who took part in the activity on Tuesday 23rd, spoke about these issues and care for the environment: “It deals precisely with this awareness that we must have with our environment and beaches. In this case, it is about the consumption of fresh fish, which is the slogan of the campaign and aims above all at children, who are the ones who must gradually internalise the respect that we must have,” he said.

It is a raising awareness day in which we are all committed to being responsible. The Livestock and Fisheries Councillor, Arancha López (Cs), made a call. “We are all  responsible when consuming fi sh. We all know we have wonderful fi sh in this coastal area. When consuming them they must have the minimum size. We must be responsible for consuming fi sh from our area and quality fish of the right size. This way, we will be collaborating”. Under the marquee set up on the Torreón de La Cala beach, there were activities for children and the whole family with children’s games and gifts. “We have activities for the children, such as workshops to paint fish, or for children to be able to distinguish the minimum sizes of fish or differentiate the parts of a fish so that they become familiar with how the fi shing sector works in Andalusia. We also have a raffle, a mini cinema where videos related to fi shing or aquaculture are shown, and two quizzes; one like the one on TV, with a question and answer control, and another about aquaculture, a true and false quiz. All in all, these are fun activities,” López added.

A fun and learning day! These are the proposals of this initiative that reminds us to consume fresh Andalusian fish.


Source: Mijas Semanal