Tourism organised this consolidated event in the Municipal Auditorium once again this year


Last Saturday, the 13th of August, Mijas was filled with magic and bagpipes on Celtic Night. The Mijas Town Hall Tourism Department organised, once again this year, this traditional festival in the town. Attendees from all over the country came to the Mijas Pueblo municipal auditorium to enjoy this magical night. “We were in Mijas visiting the village and buying things, and we liked it very much”, said one of the attendees, Cristina Carrión, “while walking around, we saw the posters announcing the Celtic music festival, and we came to see it”. For his part, Juan José Toledo, from Jerez, a lover of this type of music, pointed out that “we have coincided with this festival because we have been in Mijas Costa. We came to walk around the town and thank God we coincided with this festival”.

“With this, we close our promotional activities and events in the Mijas Tourism area. We started with the ‘Latin Night’, then continued the ‘Blues Night’ and now we finish with the ‘Celtic Night’ in a great atmosphere and an exceptional setting.

These are great performances that are another tourist attraction for our municipality”, said, for his part, the Tourism Councillor, José Carlos Martín (Cs).


The stars of the night

Sur Pipes Band, Irish Treble Danza, and Susana Seivane were the Celtic Night 2022 headliners. A line-up of artists representing the best of Celtic music. As for the music that reigned on the stage of the auditorium, Susana Seivane, a bagpipe player, said that “for me, it is difficult to put labels, but we could say that it is music made with instruments of the past, such as the bagpipes, but played for listeners of today. I like to mix those sounds of our rich musical heritage with other traditional instruments such as the electric guitar or the mandolin”.

Sur Pipes Band is an association representing a Scottish pipe band. “We base in Benalmádena, and we formed the group about 3 or 4 years, and now we can’t stop”, added Jorge Lara, one of the band members.
The event started at 9 pm, and there was a bar with food and drink. When creating this show, said one of the managers of ‘La Cochera Producciones’, Javier Martínez, “we have taken into account quality, of course, and at the same time, fun. There are good concerts, but the Celtic instruments are complicated as the bagpipe sounds can tire the audience. I think we have achieved something that unites entertainment with quality”, he concluded.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.