Mijas tripled the number of users of the adapted beaches to 669 and increased the number of baths to 365


The Beaches Department took stock of the Rescue and Lifeguarding device on the Mijas coast in July. The City Council is "satisfied" with the work done, as incidents were all addressed, which translates into a "safety feeling for users," said the First Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín (Cs).

There have been 7,722 incidents in July on the Mijas beaches. "Most of them occurred for non-compliance with municipal ordinances and, in second place, there were health incidents. Practically 50% (3,890) are breaches of municipal ordinances, mainly for bringing dogs to the beaches," said the Councillor, explaining that dogs cannot use the Mijas beaches during summer, "but they can during the remaining eight months of the year.

In terms of lifeguard incidents, there have been 814, of which four were particularly serious. The head of Beaches wanted to express his gratitude for the work done by the lifeguards: "We monitored these incidents when they happened, and this quick action and the means available avoided them becoming serious as there were cardiac arrests, dizziness and also rescues in the sea". "We are talking about human lives, and the investments we make to guarantee safety and save lives are rewarded when we see they work thanks to an efficient human and technical team. We are therefore satisfied and proud to have these professionals and all these tools," added Martín.

The coordinator of EMS Malaga, Gonzalo Botta, valued these actions: "We had two arrests, one respiratory and one cardiorespiratory, both came out well, we pulled them through, and these two people were able to continue happily with their families and enjoy it". One of the bathers rescued was a woman aged 83. She entered the sea, and "although it was a green flag day and the sea was calm and smooth as a plate, she had difficulty getting to the shore because she became nervous, swallowed some water and stopped, but thanks to the lifeguards' assistance, there were no major mishaps", she added.

Among other incidents were jellyfish stings, which accounted for 80% of the health interventions with 1432 stings, and they were all solved. "In addition, there were 400 users’ assistance due to injuries and other circumstances," Botta added.


Universal Accessibility
The balance also gave data on the four beaches with Universal Accessibility in Mijas, adapted for people with reduced mobility and functional diversity. In total, these areas of the beaches of El Torreón, El Bombo, Riviera and La Luna-Royal Beach have had 669 users. According to Martín and the coordinator of Socorrismo Málaga, the company in charge of providing the lifeguard service in Mijas, this is a "star service", as many municipalities do not have it. "This year, we are with the platforms at 100%. We have made around 350 baths in July alone, almost tripling last year's figures, said Botta, who considered this rate a reflection of a greater influx to the beaches of Mijas this summer. The coordinator also thanked the work of the Local Police, as it is necessary for some incidents' resolution. Meanwhile, the Councillor responsible for the area, José Carlos Martín, also thanked "the work done by the entire Beaches Department".

Municipal Beaches Rescue and Safety Plan
This summer, the Mijas coastline has 83 lifeguards. From 1st June, from Monday to Sunday, from eleven in the morning to eight in the evening. They have been on duty and deployed along the 14 kilometres of the coastline. Along with human resources, Mijas has the best material resources as a medicalised mobile ICU with a medical team. Also, a rescue drone transporting inflatable waistcoats by air for those moments a bather is in trouble. Besides, there is a quick mechanism to reach them, apart from the public address systems deployed on all the beaches and three jet skis or boards. For another year, 'Socorrismo Málaga' is the company coordinating and managing this service. Its objective remains the same: zero casualties.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.