The Municipal Auditorium will again host this event, which will take place next Saturday, 13th August, at 9 pm


It will be next Saturday, 13th of August, when the Mijas Pueblo Municipal Auditorium will host, once again, the mythical 'Noche Celta' (Celtic Night). A meeting organised by the Mijas Town Hall Tourism Department. "It is about having events of a certain prestige and quality to make our municipality even more attractive, especially Mijas Pueblo, and that people come to enjoy these wonderful bands that are going to play," said the Councillor for the area, José Carlos Martín (Cs).

The pipers 'Sur Pipes Band', in this year's line-up, were present this morning at the presentation of this event, which is already well established in the town. "We have been participating in this fantastic event for several years now", added one of the band members, Jorge Lara, "you only have to look at the line-up. It is of the highest level. It is an honour for us to participate in this event". The line-up also completes with the Irish Treble Danza band, and the bagpipe player Susana Seivane.

Tourist offer

The event will start at 9 pm, with doors opening at 8:30 pm. Free entrance until capacity is reached. It helds "precisely so that tourists visiting the municipality can enjoy the Celtic night, and this works as a hook to attract tourists so that they can also enjoy the gastronomy, crafts, and all that Mijas offers, as a tourist town," said Martín. Likewise, attendees will also enjoy a bar service within the venue.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.