It will be operational on the Mijas coastline from eleven in the morning to seven in the evening every day until the beginning of September


They patrol on wheels. The Cycling Unit of the Local Police is back in operation for another year. It is responsible for ensuring the safety of the town's beaches throughout the summer. With 14 kilometres of coastline, the Mijas coastline attracts thousands of residents and visitors yearly. "It is necessary to do this daily security work on the beach, and even more important, if possible, is the prevention work carried out by the patrols all day on the coastline. They will avoid many administrative infractions, any crime, and helping to scare away people who are thinking of coming to commit robberies, as they know that there is a permanent police presence", said this Monday, the chief intendant of the Mijas Local Police, Juan Manuel Rosas, from the beach of La Cala de Mijas.

From eleven in the morning to seven in the evening, every day, until the beginning of September, this bike patrol will travel along the Mijas coastline, in direct contact with the beach hoteliers. "This year, we have provided the unit with new uniforms, and last year with electric bicycles, which allows them to move faster in their service. It is a great help, especially at the hottest time of the day, as it mitigates the effort," added Rosales.

Some officers repeat service in this unit, which they describe as "immediate". One of the motorised police officers explained their work, "we are controlling access to the beach, loading and unloading, and the disabled area. In addition, we provide a priority service to citizens, with quick and direct attention, and to users and hoteliers of the beaches, beach bars, and businesses adjacent to the Coastal Path".

Seven years patrolling by bike

Mijas has been offering this service to beach users for seven years. Throughout this time, according to the Town's Mayor, Josele González (PSOE), the need for it has been proven. "It has proved to be a great service for beach users as thefts have lowered, illegal activities on the beach have also been reduced, such as unlicensed massages, foodstuffs' sale without a licence, and health monitoring," the Mayor points out.

It also means, says the Councillor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín (Cs), "a quick response when it comes to resolving any conflict, and a plus of security for beach users. It also gives peace of mind to all our bathers. This bicycle service unit, together with the lifeguards who travel along our road throughout the day, increases the services and ensures that all those who come to our town to have peace of mind may have it.

These agents guarantee that this summer, we will enjoy the Mijas coastline, which has other quality certifications for its services, such as the 'Q' flags for Tourist Quality or the blue flags, in a safe way. "We continue to ensure safety, as it is one of our main values in  tourism. We want the families who visit us to feel at home. That is why we are launching this service, in addition to the lifeguard and beach lifeguard service this year, which is one of the most important to be launched on the Costa del Sol," said González.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.