In addition to the 83 lifeguards, there will be material resources such as a medicalised mobile ICU, three jet skis and a life-saving drone


This Wednesday, on the beach of La Cala, next to the Torreón, we met part of the team in charge of ensuring the safety of bathers this summer, in which the Mijas coastline will have 83 lifeguards. From 1st June, from Monday to Sunday, from eleven in the morning to eight in the evening, they will be on duty from the shore or just a few metres on the towers.

The Councillor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín (Cs), attended the presentation of this operation with which "we are trying, once again this year, to give that extra quality and safety to all the bathers who come to our municipality. We have 83 lifeguards deployed along the 14 kilometres of our coastline. Along with these human resources, we have the best material resources such as a medicalised mobile ICU with its medical team, a rescue drone capable of transporting inflatable waistcoats by air for those moments when a rescue has to be carried out or a bather is in trouble, being a quick mechanism to reach them, apart from the public address systems that are deployed on all the beaches, and three jet skis or boards".

This year, Socorrismo Malaga is the company in charge of coordinating and managing this service. Its objective remains the same: zero casualties. "That is what we always strive for in all our services in the years that we have provided this service. Thanks God, the good work of the lifeguards, and the lifeguard service, we can be proud of, in these six years, there have been no victims", emphasised the coordinator of Socorrismo Malaga, Gonzalo Botta. Martín added that "we want to guarantee that any incident that may occur on our beaches is resolved as soon as possible and if the incident is a little more serious, that the resources, both human and material, are capable of minimising it and preventing it from becoming more serious".


Municipal Beaches Rescue and Safety Plan

The Mijas Town Hall  has designed the Municipal Beaches Safety and Rescue Plan, which includes all the measures deployed on the Mijas coastline. The operation has a "wide coverage", says the municipal technician Francisco Perez, "the main and key is the distribution of all lifeguarding devices on the coast. Set the towers and chairs and establish surveillance. Also, pay attention to where they should install jet skis and coordinate all services that affect beaches, including the intervention of the Local Police if it comes to the case and so on.

The human team is undoubtedly vital in this device. Botta affirms that they are ready, as "we have carried out level tests, qualification tests for the staff to be 100%, recycling first aid reminders, defibrillator use, as we also have them in all the towers".

Last year, an additional lifeguard joined the staff, a lifeguard drone, a good companion, says lifeguard Francisco Peinado, because "they help a lot to control the influx or prevent other little things". As you can see, safety and normality have returned to the Mijas coastline. Gone are anti-COVID measures that put limitations on enjoying a day at the beach.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.