It will have 18 holes, a five-star luxury hotel, high cuisine restaurants and 54,000 square metres of green areas


"It is one of the most interesting projects that Mijas has received in recent years from private initiative. It will contribute to creating hotel accommodation, employment and will also allow the organisation of sporting events. It will be a tourist attraction” With these words the Town Planning Councillor of the Mijas Town Hall, Andrés Ruiz (Cs), defended this project in the plenary session of the Town Hall. He made clear that it complies "with the decree of the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía of 16th July 2019. This project has come to a close to avoid speculation, as it greatly restricts the Declaration of Tourist Interest requirements with conditions such as that the golf course has to be done before the whole project. If the golf course is not carried out the area would have to be declared  a General System of Free Area".

During today's plenary session, the initial approval of the modification of elements of the Mijas PGOU for the establishment of the Golf Course of Tourist Interest 'Valle del Golf Resort' (sector SUO-R.15), requested by Logarma SL, was put to the vote. The proposal submitted to the plenary for debate was approved with votes in favour of the government team, the Partido Popular, and the non-attached Councillor Juan Carlos Maldonado.

"This project will include an 18-hole golf course, a five-star luxury hotel, a tourist apartment complex, a golf school, an equestrian centre for classical dressage, a museum of carriages and saddlery, the public use of the plot destined for this purpose and green areas. He added that "this project is included in the accelerator project of the 'Consejería de la Presidencia de la Junta', and once all the environmental procedures have been completed, its initial approval has been brought to the plenary session".

The project will be implemented in 1,024,000 square metres and have a 26-metre road widening from La Cala de Mijas to Entrerríos, car parks, and the electric recharging vehicles points. Ruiz points out, it will add value to the area around the Fuengirola River.

The debate

The PP Councillor, Mario Bravo, asked the Town Planning Councillor if the developer is responsible for the road widening between the GALP petrol station in La Cala and the Entrerríos roundabout. The Town Planning Councillor pointed out, "as it is an external charge of the project, it will be assumed by the project owner".

He also wanted to know if the town planning observations made by the Town Hall secretary had been corrected. "In his first report, he said that all the registered properties are not grouped together, and it is essential that they are grouped into one to be approved for this development," he asked firstly. Secondly, "the 1,024,000 square metres seems to have been reduced a little, this reduction is understood to be proportional to all uses, and it seems that this was not the case in the original project. Have these two issues been corrected?"

Regarding the estates grouping, Ruiz stated that "this morning, they have received a registry certification in which it appears as an Indivisible Registry Unit. It is one of the requirements set by the Governing Council for it to be initially approved" and added that "it will be the Junta de Andalucía who will be in charge of its definitive approval".

Referring to the buildability and equipment, the Town Planning Councillor said that "it is a question of technical criteria", but that the Town Planning Department understands that "the article 17 of the LOUA is complied with, and the minimum endowments of the decree of the Junta are met, so we are not outside the law or what the decree provides".

The non-attached Councillor, Esperanza Jiménez, who voted against this point, described the approval of the development of another golf course in Mijas as "inconceivable": "Apparently, climate change and the lack of resources do not go with this Town Hall. There is a water shortage, what is dumped is not used, fertile soil will be eliminated, which is another resource lost by putting concrete, electricity costs will increase, light and noise pollution,...etc.".

In response, Ruiz declared that "this is an integrating project" and added that "there are more than 50,000 metres of green zones and free area for public use. According to the environmental project report, we are gaining native species we do not have at the moment. An irrigated cultivation area will make this project practically sustainable, and the golf course irrigation will be with recycled water". In the vote, the non-attached councillor Carlos Rivero abstained.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.