The Councillor for Tourism highlights this choice made by the prestigious American magazine ‘International Living’, which has more than 40 years of experience.


Mijas is considered one of the best places for British, Dutch, Scandinavian, and American retirees to relax in Spain, as recognised this week by the US magazine ‘International Living’.

The magazine emphasised the city’s beauty, climate, and sport in its list: “The white Andalusian town attracts ex-pats from all over the world as it serves as a gateway to the ‘golf valley’ of the Costa del Sol. With a beautiful climate all year round, and numerous green areas, this location is a golfer’s paradise,” they said. That is why the first Deputy Mayor of Mijas, and Councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), praised the fact that “Mijas has been chosen as one of the best residential tourism destinations for retirement according to the American magazine ‘International Living’, which has more than 40 years of publications specialising in the tourism sector”. Martín also assured that “we are a leading destination not only in holiday tourism but also in residential tourism. Our 12 golf courses are a great attraction for seniors who enjoy outdoor sports in a privileged environment such as ours. The hours of sunshine, the natural areas such as the Coastal Path where you can stroll peacefully by the sea, or the wide range of services and leisure and cultural offerings for all ages make us one of the most desirable places to retire and live in old age”.

In recent times, the municipality has accumulated national and international recognition. A promotional boost that shows the quality the town has to offer. In 2022, Mijas is elected the Capital of Rural Tourism in Malaga, and in 2021 one of the 20 best rural coastal destinations in Spain. In addition to this, the well-known tourist accommodation website eBooking highlighted the town as one of the fastest-growing destinations last year, increasing its searches by 69 percent.

Finally, Martin recalled the recent commitment of the multinational brand Nutella to the municipality by selecting one of the points of the Selfie Route for its advertising campaign for the special edition called ‘Lo Bueno lo Tenemos en Casa’ (We have the good stuff at home). “This initiative is an excellent opportunity to be present on all the shop and supermarket shelves in Spain, where our destination is a national protagonist,” said the First Deputy Mayor. He concluded that “the department will continue to work along these lines to consolidate Mijas as one of the favourite places to visit and live in southern Europe”.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.