The Councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín, reports that the company has selected the municipality for its promotion 'Lo Bueno lo Tenemos en Casa'


The First Deputy Mayor of Mijas and Tourism Councillor, José Carlos Martín (Cs), announced, this morning, that the internationally known cocoa cream brand "Nutella" has selected one of the Mijas Selfie Route points for its new advertising campaign called 'Lo Bueno lo Tenemos en Casa',  (We have at home the good stuff). With this special edition, the company aims to promote tourism in Spain, for which it has chosen 15 exceptional tourist destinations within our country.

"We are thankful and proud that they have chosen one of our spots for this initiative that has such an impact as we are going to be in the window shops and supermarkets in Spain. We are the only municipality in Andalusia within this campaign. It is important that they select us again, this time “Nutella”, within the Spanish star destinations", assures Martín.

In this way, an image of "El Muro'' from Mijas Pueblo appears on the cocoa cream jar. It is one of the places highlighted by the Selfie Route. On the company's official website, there is a section dedicated to Mijas where they highlight its beauty as "a group of houses built in the mountains with magnificent Mediterranean views. A beautiful village distributed in winding slopes that go up and down, colourful flower pots, brimming with geraniums that contrast with the white walls". They also point out that "the Mijas donkeys have become a peculiar village curiosity, famous, precisely, for its transport system". In the text referring to the municipality, they also recommend the most emblematic places to visit.

"This campaign helps us to project ourselves even more in our country, completing the Tourism Department impulse that we have made from the area in recent years. We have positioned ourselves in our country's top rankings," says the First Deputy Mayor. He provides examples such as "the city appointment in 2022, as "Rural Tourism Capital in Malaga' and in 2021, be part of the 20 best rural coastal destinations in Spain". In addition to this, the well-known tourist accommodation website eBooking highlighted Mijas as one of the most popular destinations last year, increasing its searches by 68 per cent.

Mijas has presented this year, the Selfie Route, where the City Council is, once again, betting on the typical Andalusian village and its best corners, views, and historical and artistic heritage. "We always work with our seven main tourist segments but in each campaign, we highlight one. This time, we return to the Mijas Pueblo charm to promote this upward trend that characterises Mijas as a coastal destination and Mediterranean village that is so much in demand by our potential public," concludes the Councillor.

Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.