It offers basic information about all the establishments in the Mijas centre and a section with traditional recipes of the municipality

The Mijas Town Hall Tourism Department presented a new gastronomic guide with information on all the Mijas Pueblo establishments last Friday. It is dedicated to the hotel, catering trade, and restaurants in the municipality. In its publication has also participated the Mijas Business Association, and offers basic information on almost 70 Mijas businesses. "This guide is a collaboration example between the local administration and the private sector. The idea came up in one of the meetings we had with the association, and we found it very interesting, so we decided to promote it," said the Tourism Councillor, José Carlos Martín (Cs).

We can find basic information about these establishments' location, telephone number or the business free day, "besides, they are divided into restaurant segments, gastro bars, cafes, ice cream parlours, etc..." added the Councillor.

Moreover, an interesting Mijas traditional recipes section is included, among which are: the maimones soup, gazpachuelo or the typical fritters. All of them in Spanish and English. "Everything that innovates and makes things easier for visitors is welcome. I think it is a practical guide as both tourists and Mijas residents can easily access all village restaurants", said Martín Gómez, President of the Mijas Pueblo Business Association.

The Tourism Department has published the first batch of 3,000 copies of this guide, which will also be available in PDF format on the municipal website and social networks. "Now, initially, we will find it in the Tourist Office, and the companies of the sector present in this guide", informed Martín, anticipating that this gastronomic list "will also be promoted in the next tourism fairs, among them, the one at the end of March in Brussels".


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.