According to the Costa del Sol Big Data from the Tourism Intelligence Area and the figures from the tourist offices, the levels of 2019 will be surpassed

The Mijas First Deputy Mayor and Tourism Councillor, José Carlos Martín (Cs), has taken stock of the actions taken in the last two years by the Department to combat the harm caused by the pandemic, in addition to advancing the area’s forecasts for the 2022 season. “COVID-19 produced in the province a resounding decrease in the arrival of tourists, placing the reduction at 71.7%, also lowering the direct income of the sector by 7,712.3 million euros,” said Martin. He added that “the City Council have launched all kinds of initiatives to facilitate the recovery of this industry as soon as possible. They are already seeing the upwards results in a staggered manner, and with the positive forecast of increasing by 74% the growth of tourists in the city, so that the figures for 2019 would be increased.” The Councillor wanted to “take these figures with caution as we cannot know how the war in Ukraine will evolve, or whether the coronavirus will re-emerge with virulence but if conditions continue, this is the projection for the town”. Last February, at a conference held at the Consistory on the use and importance of Big Data, the head of the Costa del Sol Tourism Intelligence Department, Rafael Fuentes, stressed that “Mijas is one of the jewels of the crown of Malaga and Andalusia. It is in demand, being the reference for many increasingly emerging markets with greater spending power which is of interest, for example, the Korean or Japanese market”.

Actions for tourism recovery

From the beginning, the Tourism Department has put all its efforts to combat the problem facing the Mijas people as one of the main income sources was suffering. In addition to the three campaigns launched, the City Council had a ‘Golf Marketing Plan’ prepared by the UMA which already contemplated the impact of the pandemic. A ‘Tourism Reactivation Plan in Mijas’, a brand to unite the golf courses, a ‘Plan for the Reactivation of Eastern Tourism’, and the COMETHA Tourism Plan aids for hotels and golf courses. Also, the economy revitalisation by reinventing original events as well as the implementation of ‘Mijas Secrets’ to involve residential tourists and encourage their consumption, or all the COVID measures carried out in the town, especially on the beaches which, according to municipal sources, have been one of the most outstanding for their safety on the Spanish coast.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.