The hotel establishment received its first clients on the morning of Thursday the 1st. This is news that also means a boost for the economy of Mijas Pueblo. “The truth is that we are very happy that this day has finally arrived. A day in which we have been able to reopen the hotel after the eight months that we have been closed”, expressed the director of TRH Mijas, Félix Reyes. The fact is that since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March of last year, the hotel has only been open for four months: July, August, September and October 2020. The first customers to set foot in the hotel this morning were a couple from the Netherlands who assured that they felt safe and calm with the anti-COVID measures. “The important thing about everything is the responsibility of each person, since as long as we are protected with our masks when necessary, nothing should happen”, explained Angélica Huanuco. Due to the low level of occupancy last season, the hotel was forced to close in November, but this new year is faced in a different way, since they foresee an occupation of 40 rooms; that is, the visit of almost 100 people a day. Although all the facilities are working (spa, swimming pool, restaurants and bars), part of the staff, in total there are 50 workers, will continue in the ERTE (Employment Regulation Files) for a few more weeks, since the management of the establishment estimates that until, at least, the month of September, they will not be able to regain some of the normality they had before the pandemic.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.