The video is produced in Spanish, English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean


The councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), has presented the ‘Virtual visit to Mijas’, a new option launched by the department to show the most outstanding attractions of the municipality and awaken the interest of the potential public to visit the city, especially in the medium and long term. “We have two different models of audio-visual material, a longer version lasting 16 minutes and another of almost three. It is a guided tour of the most prominent locations in the town so that both tour operators and people interested in coming to Mijas can get an idea of ​​what they will find when they arrive and what activities they can enjoy”, the councillor pointed out. This promotion is in Spanish, English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean. In this regard, Martín recalled that within Fitur 2021 “we distributed a ‘pendrive’ during this visit among tour operators working with Asia, with whom we held meetings at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid”. Although the promotion is aimed at the national public as it is in Spanish and at the global public, in English, it should be noted that a great effort has been made to try to access the Asian market again as it is a very faithful visitor and helps break seasonality as they travel in low season. “The profile of this tourist stands out for being of high purchasing power, respectful of the territory, valuing ​​our city, consuming in our shops and staying overnight, meaning that they are not just passing visitors”, explained the councillor, who added that “Mijas is looking forward to them coming back”. Kuoni Tumlare, G2 Travel, Miki Travel, Asociación Hispano-Japonesa, Mercury, Mikami Travel and Ctrip, among others, are some of the tour operators with whom the Local Council met in Fitur and is now continuing its work along the same lines. “We will continue to open horizons and present our video in all the forums that are necessary. Tourism is one of the main industries in our town and we are going to work hard to reactivate this economic sector that generates so many jobs”, highlights Martín.

International market

In this way, in addition to the most immediate actions to save the high season, the department is already working with the international market and in the medium and long term. “The important thing is to not stop and continue with the machinery in motion, exploring our seven tourist segments, making the best of them and putting them in value so that they reach all potential travellers and if they have to decide on a holiday destination, of course, opt for ours”, assured the councillor. Despite the varied offer of Mijas, this year Tourism has launched a campaign highlighting the sun and beach, nature and golf. “Under the motto: ‘Mijas, a safe outdoor destination’ we promote these sectors that provide greater confidence in visitors as they are spaces in contact with the environment that allow safe distances to be maintained and enjoy quality holiday time with all the guarantees against COVID”, concluded Martín.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.