Mijas is still working on measures proposed within the Golf Marketing Plan. The councillors of Tourism and Sports meet with representatives of the Mijas golf complexes to present the proposals for the name and motto to define the brand

The Marketing Plan for Golf in Mijas, designed by the University of Malaga, is still under development. The councillors for Tourism and Sports, José Carlos Martín (Cs) and Andrés Ruiz (Cs), respectively, met on Wednesday 16th with representatives of golf courses in the municipality to continue working on the measures proposed in this report.

Among other issues, they spoke of the need to create a golf brand that reinforces the image of the 13 Mijas courses compared to other destinations that also compete in this field.

“This is a proposal that benefits all, because we would have a powerful golf brand in which all the courses will be connected, and that will mean a leap in quality, not only in tourism but also in the practice of this sport in our municipality”, valued the councillor for Sports.

For his part, Martín also indicated that “in this meeting we have presented the three proposals that we have for the name and motto to define this brand and, in a few days, the company in charge of carrying out the designs and will send the options that we have studied to choose the final design by consensus”.


Through this marketing plan, the University of Malaga insists on the need to continue promoting the golf sector in the municipality since, among other advantages, it favours the arrival of visitors between the months of October and April, coinciding with the high season for this sporting practice. Another measure to be put into operation, suggested by the Malaga University marketing plan is the launching of a joint marketing platform for the Mijas golf courses.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.