Nine 'Q' flags, the ISO 14001 certification, the 'Safe Tourism Certified' seal against the coronavirus and four beaches with Universal Accessibility in Mijas


Mijas is once again recognized for the quality of its beaches. This year again, its coastline will boast three blue flags, on the beaches of La Cala - El Torreón, El Bombo and Calahonda I-Royal Beach-La Luna. Furthermore, the municipality is the only one in the province that has a ‘Blue Trail’ distinction for the coastal path and a ‘Blue Centre’ distinction, for the 'Torreón' interpretation centre in La Cala. These certifications are joined by other awards, such as the nine 'Q' for Quality flags or the ISO 14001 flag, which also recognize the correct environmental management of our beaches.

The Environmental and Consumer Education Association (ADEAC) has been in charge of granting these distinctions. The criteria that beaches must meet are divided into four groups: environmental information and education, water quality - based on compliance with the European Bathing Water Quality Directive -, environmental management - especially with regard to the Coastal Law -, and security and services.

During today's visit to La Cala-El Torreón beach, the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE) and the Beaches councillor, José Carlos Martín (Cs) have highlighted that these recognitions are maintained in Mijas thanks to the constant work that is carried from the different municipal departments, which are in charge of ensuring that Mijas' beaches are in optimal conditions 365 days a year. “The blue flag requirements are very demanding, every year they expect the provision of improved services, in this case from the Department for Beaches, so that we offer tourists, above all, our best image and the best services at the same time and not only from the point of view of infrastructures, but also the quality of the environmental management of our beaches", pointed out González, who added that "the blue flags are something that any tourist recognizes at European level, that is why it is so important that they are raised on our beaches”. "Now we are going to FITUR with our homework done and with an unbeatable business card for our tourists, such as our beaches", said the mayor of Mijas.

It is, they add from the Local Government, a joint and multidisciplinary task, in which, among others, operators on the Beaches, Environment, Operative Services, Basic Income staff and the Local Police participate, in addition to the results obtained through public and private collaboration. "We also congratulate the association of beach bars, kiosks, sunbed providers, as well as Basic Income and Operative Services staff, the Local Police, as could not be otherwise, for all the work that is carried out throughout the year. This has been endorsed with these renewed recognitions”, explained Martín. The councillor for Beaches also recalled that this year the coast has suffered several storms from which, he assured, we have recovered in time to face the high season. “We have had storm after storm, which has truly wreaked havoc on our beaches, but it is true that we have been able to adapt to the circumstances and within a few weeks, we will have our beaches in perfect condition so that all users and tourists can come to enjoy them. We continue to maintain all those awards that confirm that we still provide that same quality in services", informed the councillor.

Safe beaches

The Local Government recalls that the Mijas beaches have also adapted to the situation generated by the pandemic, and have been safe in relation to Covid. In 2020, an extensive infrastructure was deployed to prevent contagion, with a device made up of controllers and drones to supervise and report on the capacity along the coast, as well as personnel to intensify the cleaning work, who were added to the 53 members of staff within the Rescue and Lifeguard device. "We were pioneers and quick to implement all preventive measures against Covid 19 last season and now, this year, we have improved each of our devices. Without a doubt, the beaches of Mijas are among the safest in Spain", they conclude from the government team.


Source: Mijas Comunicación S.A.