The Mijas Town Hall meets with technicians from the Regional Government and the Golf Valley promoter to boost this project of tourist excellence, which includes a fi ve-star hotel, a golf course and a high-performance equestrian centre

The Golf Valley project takes shape after being classified by the Regional Government in Andalusia as “strategic” and being integrated into its Accelerator Unit, in charge of promoting the initiatives that comprise it.

Under these premises, municipal technicians from the Local Council in Mijas and the ‘Junta de Andalucía’ met on the 12th at the Mijas Town Hall with the promoter, to make this complex of tourist excellence a reality as soon as possible, which, they assure, will create wealth and employment in the town. This was stated by the CEO of the promoter Logarma, José Carlos Escribano, who explained that we are talking about “a 100% tourist complex, which will have an excellent golf course, a five-star hotel, a tourist town with 350 tourist units and a high performance equestrian centre”.

The Mijas Local Government is leading this project, which entails a private investment of 100 million euros and, as stated by the mayor, Josele González (PSOE), will create 370 direct jobs. Public-private collaboration, stressed the mayor, will be vital for the develo-pment of this project, which “will create a tourist offer of excellence, where harmony with the environment and what is naturally sustainable will prevail. With the work philosophy with which we have managed to reach a consen-sus between the private and the public entities, I think we are tal-king about a project that is going to have an important trajectory in the municipality, on the Costa del Sol and in southern Europe”.

A sustainable project

For this project to become a reality, the Local Government has to review the PGOU, which marks the starting point of this plan that places the resort in the Entrerríos zone, on an area of one million square metres. “We must modify the plan to have a first-class tourist facility in Mijas, which we need, and to value an area from the point of view of environmental sustainability. We win in the environment and we win with a high-performance sports centre”, said the councillor for Town Planning, Andrés Ruiz (Cs). According to the councillor, the area will be repopulated with “hundreds of tree species that now do not exist” and will mark a milestone in the tourism sector. The Golf Valley, said the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), “will serve to break seasonality thanks to its golf and equestrian segment, which is of great importance in Europe, and will attract a high-level purchasing power tourist profi le. It is going to mean a leap in quality for our municipality with the hotel, golf course and the equestrian centre; From the point of view of employment, everything that is generating offers and jobs is very important for us, especially in the circumstances in which we fi nd ourselves and, above all, because we are going to put Mijas back on the international map of tourism excellence”. The project, the mayor concluded, “already has been on an administrative journey and it is expected that in 2023 it will have its fi nal approval, but it is true that throughout this journey there are a series of administrative procedures that we have to overcome because we are talking about an ambitious project and of great importance that is going to implant a new five-star hotel in the municipality along with Byblos, which is going to position us in a very advantageous situation”.


Source: Mijas Semanal