The Council for Beaches renews the furniture along the entire coastline, aiming for everything to be in perfect condition by June. 120,000 euros will be invested

With the aim that the beaches are in perfect condition for the start of the high season, the Department for Beaches of the Mijas Town Hall is, these days, now renovating all the public beach furniture. “We continue working to prepare our beaches so that when the start of the summer season arrives in June, the conditions are perfect for residents, visitors and tourists, so that they can enjoy what we have always had in Mijas”, explained the councillor responsible for the Department, José Carlos Martín (Cs), on a visit to the El Bombo beach, where the work has already begun.

Part of the public beach furniture has been damaged in recent weeks due to the weather. Therefore, the goal is for the coastline to be ready for the start of the summer season. “We are going to carry out the renovation of practically all the public furniture on the beaches. We have already purchased 30 new litterbins. We are changing the shower platforms, which are imitation wood, being easier to maintain and more stable; We are placing new walkways, around 70, because many have been damaged in recent storms, and in a second part of the renovation everything related to the wooden structures on the beaches will be repaired and conditioned, such as signage, indications, etc.”, specifi ed the councillor.

The Council for Beaches in Mijas will invest a total of 120,000 euros in this public furniture renovation plan. “There will be 40,000 euros allocated to this first phase and in a second phase 80,000 euros will be invested, bringing the allocation up to a total of 120,000 euros”, stated Martín. “The plan is that by June all the material is renewed, so that it is in line with the service and quality that we provide on our beaches”, concluded the councillor. In short, the idea is that the beaches of Mijas will look their best when the high season starts, with the hope that the tourism sector will enjoy a better summer in 2021.


Source: Mijas Semanal.