With this, the Mijas Town Hall exceeds 22 million euros in direct aid to the self-employed and companies in just one year

Following the ‘Orea’ Plan, now we see the arrival of the ‘Cometha’ Plan, aimed at helping all those entrepreneurs and self-employed persons in Mijas who are seeing their economy greatly affected by the current situation. The mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE); the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (C’s), and the councillor for Employment, Laura Moreno (PSOE), presented this week the Plan of Aid to the Retail Trade, Tourism Companies, Hospitality and SelfEmployed persons in Mijas, known as ‘Plan Cometha’, to alleviate the socioeconomic effects derived from the health pandemic due to COVID-19.

“Once again we can say loud and clear that our administration has risen to the occasion to face the most complex year in the last 100 years for thousands of family and self-employed companies in our country”, said González. “After the success of the ‘OREA’ Plan, from which 3,528 companies have benefited, we once again provide support to our business and tourism fabric with the approval of the ‘Cometha’ Plan with direct aid aimed at the reactivation, support and maintenance of tourist accommodation, local companies and, as could not be otherwise, to the self-employed, in sectors related to retail trade, tourism and hospitality, which will provide the amount of 10.3 million euros that will have a direct impact on the local economy and the maintenance of employment, and will once again place our municipality as a management benchmark in the face of the pandemic after allocating more than 22 million euros to support the local economy for the second consecutive year while most cities have not yet paid a single euro of the fi rst aid plans announced”, assured the mayor.

This is a line of aid that will be the second promoted in just one year by the local Administration and, according to the Local Council, “places the Mijas Town Hall as a reference as regards the management of the pandemic, as it is the fi rst municipality that will make available to its companies and selfemployed a total of 22.3 million in the form of direct aid, compatible with that provided by other administrations, and from which some 6,050 local entrepreneurs have already benefi ted, with 11.9 million euros spent in aid that ranged from 3,000 to 6,000 euros depending on the number of employees”.


Fuente: Mijas Semanal.