Despite the bad weather, the participants in the guided tours in several languages enjoyed the route on Saturday the 10th

The Virgen de la Peña square, the hermitage and the flour mill. These were some of the points that, on Saturday 10th, under their umbrellas, were visited by the participants in Mijas Secrets, guided routes through the village for foreign residents. On this occasion, the outing took on a different hue with the fog and rain, but not even the bad weather ruined the excursion. “We foreigners are accustomed to rainy days, the weather doesn’t make us stay at home, we go out anyway (laughter)”, said the technician of the Department for Foreigners in Mijas, Katja Thirion. ‘Mijas, yesterday and today’ was the title of the route on Saturday 10th, which revealed many chapters of the last 100 years of the history of Mijas. “We have seen photographs, for example, of the lower plaza (Plaza Virgen de la Peña), which did not exist in the 1980’s; there are many details and all very interesting, so I encourage everyone to participate”, highlighted Katja. In two groups of ten, the participants, guided by Sandra Gallardo, learned about many aspects and curiosities of the past in English, German and Scandinavian.


Tourism reactivation

The routes are an initiative of the Departments for Foreigners and for Tourism, which are committed to the resurgence of the tourist and cultural sector, adapting to the new normal and anti-Covid regulations. “The idea of doing it, at first, with foreign residents, is because many of them do not know the village as the ‘mijeños’ do”, said Gallardo. From the organisation they announce new dates beyond April 17th, which was when it was going to end, and also directed at Spanish residents. This weekend the excursions entitled ‘Mijas Andalusí’ and ‘Mijas con arte’ will take us back in time and will provide knowledge about the work of local artists.


Source: Mijas Semanal.