In 2012, this location in Mijas Village was named the Julián Núñez Andreu Viewpoint

The Núñez Andreu brothers had the idea decades ago of turning donkeys into an attraction for tourists: this is how the world-famous Mijas donkey-taxis were born. In recognition of this work, already in 2012, the Local Council approved the naming of the Mijas Village Tourist Office viewpoint as Mirador Julián Núñez Andreu, in recognition of one of the promoters of the initiative in Mijas. On Wednesday 31st, understanding that the work was also done by his brother Antonio, the Plenary Session approved the redenomination of the viewpoint as Mirador Hermanos Núñez Andreu.

Donkey-taxi pioneers

“Following the recent renovation of the square, we have wanted to publicly acknowledge both the work of this famous ‘mijeño’, Julián, forerunner of the donkey-taxi service, and that of his brother Antonio, both pioneers as regards this idea, which since the 1960’s has made the municipality famous as a first class tourist centre”, expressed the mayor of Mijas, Josele González (PSOE). For his part, the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), stated: “We are going to join in this recognition towards these brothers who were pioneers in the development of the idea that has become a symbol of Mijas and taking advantage of the remodeling of the square, I think it is the right moment and with this justice is served to the two brothers for the great work they did for the municipality”. The item was approved with the votes in favour of PSOE, Cs, PP and the non-attached councillor and with the abstention of Podemos.


Source: Mijas Semanal