The service will start on Saturday 27th and includes a ‘lifeguard drone’ as a novelty


On Saturday 27th, the first aid and rescue device will be activated on the beaches of Mijas on the occasion of Easter Week (from 11:00H to 20:00H). In total, 87 lifeguards and health staff will ensure safety along the 14 kilometres of coastline that the municipality boasts, as announced by the councillor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín (Cs). This year, once again, Socorrismo Málaga will be in charge of providing the service. “We are a reference and the fact is that in recent years we have not had any serious incidents on our beaches; in addition to luck, the preparation and professionalism of the device also plays a large part in this”, assured Martín. From the Socorrismo Málaga company, they also pointed out that the training of the staff who make up this device is very important; In order to ensure this, they explained, the staff carry out recycling courses every year. “We are 100% prepared for Easter Week with the entire device, the accessibility zones and 100% of our rescue team as well”, declared one of the company’s coordinators, Gonzalo Botta.

What’s new?

The device, which as always will include ambulances and jet skis, presents several novelties. One of them is that this service will now be provided on the beaches of Peñón del Cura and Playa Marina and there will be a ‘life-saving drone’. “This drone will carry life-jackets and will be able to intervene with greater speed in the event of an emergency”, said Martín, who added that “the device that is deployed in Mijas is unmatched and we are very proud of the quality service that is provided”. Botta also spoke along the same lines, assuring that the ‘life-saving drone’ “is a cutting-edge service available to the Town Hall”.

Adapted beaches

Another of the services that the user values most is the one provided on the adapted beaches, as Rubén Jáñez, also coordinator of Socorrismo Málaga, indicated: “We have a service that for us is fundamental, where support is provided to those persons with functional diversity, who do not have that possibility of accessing both the beaches and the toilets and for us it is very gratifying to be able to provide this service”. On the other hand, every day, on the offi cial social networks of the Town Hall, the state of each of the beaches will be promptly reported. “We will continue to provide two daily reports, where we detail the state of the beaches, the colour of the flag, the waves, wind and the ultraviolet index”, explained Jáñez.


Source: Mijas Semanal