With these works, which entail an investment of 12,500 euros, the Department is preparing for any future situation.

Easter is approaching and while waiting to know what different measures may be decreed to control the pandemic, the Council for Beaches continues to work to have the Mijas coastline in perfect state of review. In this regard, the department is carrying out maintenance work on some sections of the Coastal Path, as reported by the councillor for the branch, José Carlos Martín (C’s), “after an analysis of the coast to find the most deteriorated areas on which we have to act”. Therefore, after said study, the council has set to work to carry out the maintenance work on the Coastal Path that includes the replacing of certain elements, such as the wooden boards, and the protection of the railings with special paint, as was carried out on the 120 metre section in front of the VIK Gran Hotel Costa del Sol. “We have to work on this point and some others along the six kilometres of Coastal Path, that we are going to continue to maintain in order to have the beaches in the best possible state of repair. Then we will see if the pandemic allows us to open up completely, or with conditions”, stated Martín. The section of the Gran Hotel will not be the only one and the investment in the works will reach approximately 12,500 euros. It is a project that is necessary so that the beaches of the municipality are prepared for all situations that may arise in the future.


Source: Mijas Semanal