Mijas outlines the first results of the strategy to reactivate the municipality as a tourist destination based on artificial intelligence data.

The Tourism Department within the Local Government of the Mijas Town Hall launched a study a few months ago to reactivate the ‘Mijas’ brand as an intelligent tourist destination based “on information provided through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence”, known, as explained by Local Council sources, as ‘big data’. The councillor in charge of the area, José Carlos Martín (Cs), announced last Tuesday the first results of this strategy being studied in order to promote the ‘Mijas’ brand as a tourist destination through the analysis of these ‘big data’ results.

The study was commissioned to the company ‘Grant Thornton’ by the Tourism Department, which is now studying the conclusions to reinforce the municipality’s tourism campaign and the development of the different recommended sectors, including nature. “According to the information we have, we have observed that tourists who come to Mijas or to destinations with similar characteristics are interested in carrying out activities in nature, and therefore this potential segment in the municipality is emerging as one of the main pillars, which we have to make an effort to promote”, said the councillor. Furthermore, this information “comes to reinforce and complement the roadmap already set by the ‘Strategic Tourism Plan’, prepared by the University of Malaga”, added Martín. Along with the interests of tourists, “the study includes, in turn, data on the pandemic, meaning that all information from Internet search operators, social networks or ‘online’ reservations for both accommoda-tion and activities also allow us to know the profile of the new post-covid tourist”. In this way, Mijas will be able to “get closer to the market niche that may be more optimal and profitable”.

New initiatives
This analysis confirms the suitability of the strategies that are being carried out by the Town Hall and points towards others that have to be put in place to boost tourism activity. “We have excellent numbers regarding the consultations that are made in the municipality as a golf and sun & beach destination, so our actions are taking hold. Now we will continue to implement other segments that can help us to po-sition ourselves at the forefront of holiday destinations with similar characteristics and we will bet, not only on nature, but also on the cultural and gastronomic spectrum”, said the councillor. After learning the results of this study, the Department for Tourism is designing new marketing strategies to attract visitors using this real data. “This information sets the trends and tastes of the profile of our potential tourists, so we can make them a tailor-made suit with the diversity of options that the town encompasses”, said Martín. The councillor for Tourism emphasized the creation of employment in this industry and advanced that work continues non-stop “to come out with force as soon as the tourist influx begins to show signs of the recovery of the sector in southern Europe”. In this regard, José Carlos Martín advanced that “a safe destination in all areas” will be guaranteed in our municipality this summer, as was also ensured along the Mijas coast last year.


Source: Mijas Semanal