The Mijas coastline has returned to its natural state. The Local Council has completed the cleaning and tidying up of the coast of La Cala after three weeks to fix the damage caused by the passage of the storm Filomena through the municipality. A performance that the councillor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín (Cs) took stock of on Friday the 5th, on a coastline that offered a very different view from those seen after the storm hit the province with force. “We have been working for three weeks to return the beaches to their natural state and it has been tough work because where the machinery could not be used, the reeds had to be collected by hand”, assured the councillor. The amount of work is reflected in the fact that around 4,000 tons of reeds and material dragged from the streams have been removed. “Municipal beach workers and Basic Income staff ”, stated Martín, “have been hard at work since practically the day after Filomena passed at a continuous rhythm and without rest to leave the coast in a state of review”. In this regard, the councillor wanted to thank the efforts of all those involved in this operation in which almost one hundred workers and 16 machines have participated.

High season

In addition, José Carlos Martín commented that his department is already working to face the next high season “taking into account all the possible scenarios that the pandemic may generate because we have to be prepared to cover any situation”, concluded the councillor without ruling out any possibilities.


Source: Mijas Semanal