Councillor José Carlos Martín assures that this segment is one of the main allies to recover the industry in the municipality after the pandemic

The University of Malaga (UMA) has delivered to the Mijas Tourism Department, coordinated by councillor José Carlos Martín (C’s), the ‘Marketing plan for golf in Mijas’. “We are going to work hard to recover our tourism industry and this segment is one of the main allies we have. The study analyzes the current situation and establishes a roadmap for the municipality to follow in order to create our own brand and position ourselves at the forefront as regards golf destinations”, assured the councillor. Among the objectives established by this project is the creation of public-private collaboration figures for the management of this sector in the municipality, the reinforcement of the image of the destination related to golf tourism, the creation of a joint marketing platform for the golf courses in Mijas, promoting this sport among local residents and reducing the seasonality of the product.

“Union makes us stronger and, in this specific case, both the businesspersons working in the sector and the public administration must participate to promote this initiative, which will serve to generate employment and wealth in the municipality, taking into account, especially, the devastating situation in which we find ourselves because of the pandemic”, stated the councillor. According to the plan delivered by the Malaga University, golf tourism generates a high economic impact (direct and indirect) in the territory thanks to the development of quality tourism, as the tourists seeking to play golf generally spend more than other tourist segments. In addition, it allows diversifying the tourist offer and contributes to seasonal adjustment by presenting its high season between the months of October and April. Likewise, the university highlights golf as one of the most relevant tourist products both for the municipality and for the Costa del Sol, a fact that is already included in the ‘Mijas Strategic Tourism Plan 2018-2022’ prepared by the same entity. “We are betting on this sport as a boost for our local economy due to the tourist profile and the conditions in which it is developed, as when an activity is practiced outdoors it is easier to maintain a safe distance”, added Martín.

Impact of COVID-19

The ‘Marketing Plan for Golf in Mijas’ contemplates the impact of Covid-19 on tourism and its impact on golf. In this way, it establishes that the economic losses for tourism in Spain amount to around 54,733 million euros despite all hygienic-sanitary efforts. With regard to golf courses and the pandemic, in order to reduce contagion in Spanish courses, the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), in collaboration with golf associations and federations, has prepared a guide with measures to implement in the said facilities that refer both to the players and to the services themselves. “Golf is a sport that can be practiced with guarantees and this makes it a rising tourist attraction in the midst of the health crisis. Tourism will not be the same when the door to travelling is opened and we have to adapt”, explained the councillor, who added that “this plan allows the people of Mijas to have a new option already adapted to the new circumstances that are taking place globally”. Therefore, Mijas seeks to promote its own brand and will work on it to distinguish the municipality from other international destinations that also compete in this sector. “We have to make a difference and ensure that enthusiasts of this sport in Spain and all over the world think of Mijas whenever considering playing golf. There is still a way to go, but the ‘brand’ that we are going to create is going to be closely linked to quality and safety, so we have all the factors in our favour”, concluded Martín.


Source: Mijas Semanal