Mijas Village hosts a very special Christmas tree exhibition until next January the 5th

The traditional route of recycled Christmas trees that the ‘Alegría de la Huerta Andaluza’ associa-tion organises each year, with the collaboration of the Tourism Department, has a different character this year. Although, due to the lack of visitors caused by sanitary restrictions, there will not be a tourist route, nor will a guide will be published as in previous Christmases, the association has wanted to set up an exhibition that brings together 13 trees from other years. “Despite the circumstances, in order to maintain the Christmas spirit, we have wanted to maintain this exhibition that complements the ornamentation that the Town Hall has placed”, said the councillor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín (C’s).The trees are distributed over various areas of Mijas Village: Avenida de México and Calle Málaga, La Muralla, Plaza de la Constitución and Barrio Santana. “Apart from the fact that it provides entertainment for many people, it is a novel initiative, because taking a photo with the traditional fir is all very good, but when those who visit us see these trees, the first thing they do is take out their camera”, commented the president of ‘Alegría de la Huerta Andaluza’, Antonia Núñez. Usually, the assembly of the trees was carried out by senior citizens who, this year, being declared at ‘high risk’, have not been able to participate. Hence, Operative Services has been in charge of the placement of the structures; The Council for Energy has put up the lighting and Basic Income staff has worked hard to install the recycled decorations. Therefore, in addition to contributing to caring for the environment, we can enjoy original and different Christmas trees.


Source: Mijas Semanal