The Regional Government has authorized the restoration project of this emblematic structure of Mijas

Great news for the cultural and architectural heritage of Mijas. The Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government) authorizes the municipality to develop a restoration and consolidation project for La Puente promoted by the Mijas Local Council. The construction, located in the historic centre of the village, between Coín and Canteras streets, is one of the most recognizable enclaves of Mijas and is included in the General Catalogue of the Historical Heritage of Andalusia. However, its deterioration is visible over the years, with the incidence of rain and the lack of conservation. This is an image that will change in the coming months thanks to this restoration project. “Since we arrived at the government team, we made it a priority to recover those symbols of our municipality that made us the city that we are today, and within that objective, we could not leave out the recovery of this unique enclave, as is La Puente”, said the mayor, Josele González (PSOE). The Historical Heritage De-partment in Mijas has been in charge of drafting this project approved by the Andalusian Executive, with the aim of enhancing this space and making it look as it originally did. “We have been working for a year focusing on moving this project forward, so today is a day to be happy. Even more so as a neighbour of Mijas Village myself, as I have witnessed La Puente deteriorating”, indicated the councillor for Historical Heritage at the Town Hall, Laura Moreno (PSOE). According to the head of the department, Juan José de la Rubia, “the La Puente complex already existed, according to the documents kept in the municipal archives, in 1790, although the exact date of its construction is unknown”. Its restoration will begin in the next few weeks.


Source: Mijas Semanal