These aim to highlight views of elements such as the Virgen de la Peña and el Calvario hermitages, the urban centre of Mijas Village and the Sierra de Mijas

The pandemic goes on but Mijas continues to work on tourism, as assured by the councillor for Infrastructure, Works and Tourism, José Carlos Martín (Cs), who announced that the centre of Mijas Village will have four new viewpoints next year that will also offer an original touch to the well-known and beautiful images of the landscape. “In the surroundings of the Tourist Offi ce we are going to set up four viewpoint-sculptures, a new concept to add to the recognized tourist vision that our destination already offers. Soon, tourists in addition to contemplating the views in a traditional manner will be able to discover in each of these four spaces a natural or artistic historical element of Mijas through the sculpture-viewpoint, where the user will have to fit the image of the ‘peephole ‘with the attraction. “We are talking about a rectangular lacquered steel plate where the silhouette to be enhanced has been cut out. As the councillor detailed, the point where the observer must be placed will be indicated on the ground with a concrete slab where the silhouette of the highlighted element will be painted. Also on the plate of the sculpture there will be a descriptive text explaining the natural, historical-artistic point in question. In this regard, the four viewpoint-sculptures will look to the Virgen de la Peña Hermitage (southeast), the Calvario Hermitage (northwest), the urban centre of Mijas Village (west) and the Sierra de Mijas (east). In the latter case, as it is wider, the viewer must move 4 metres away to fi t the image into the peephole, and the texts will be scaled to be read from that distance.“We continue working to implement all possible initiatives for tourism, both at the level of infrastructures and as regards all kinds of lines of work and marketing plans necessary to overcome this devastating situation, which the pande-mic has left in an industry as vital for us as tourism”, stated Martín.


Source: Mijas Semanal