On the morning of Thursday, August 27th, the Calypso market opened at its new location on Polaris Avenue in Riviera del Sol. A change of location with which, according to the councillor for Markets in Mijas, Verónica Ensberg (PSOE), “responds” to a demand made by the street vendors themselves. This new space has a total of 240 linear meters to accommodate a total of 55 positions.“Today is the first day of this highly demanded transfer. Nine stalls were being set up in Calypso and here in Riviera there are 55. 90% of the vendors are from Mijas and they needed to resume their activity and for us to collaborate with them, betting on quality markets like this one”, Ensberg commented, who added that for the Council for Markets in Mijas it is “a great pleasure ” to know that the managers of the stalls are happy with this change. “We can see it in the atmosphere here and the vendors have also told us themselves”, assured the councillor. In this regard, Juan Antonio Burgos, vice president of the Mijas Street Merchants Association expressed his gratitude, on behalf of the vendors, to the Town Hall. “At Calypso, we weren’t selling anything. It didn’t work and we had to look for alternatives. We are very happy with this transfer and with the work that our politicians and inspectors have done to make this possible”, he added. In addition, the new area is larger, easily accessible from the Mediterranean highway, and has parking on both sides of Polaris Avenue. “The market will be held here only on Thursdays from 9:00 to 14:30 in the afternoon. We have held meetings with the president of the Community of Owners of Riviera del Sol, Miguel Martínez, for the relocation of the market and we are in constant contact with him, in case there are any more proposals”, indicated the councillor in charge of the area, Verónica Ensberg. Likewise, from the Mijas Town Hall, they remind that this market is also following all the security measures against Covid-19. The flea market will continue to be held on Sundays in Calypso.


Source. Mijas Semanal